The Ranking System


I remember back in one of the first interviews I think it was @SlabOMeat who talked about a ranking system. So I have a few questions to ask. My assumption is ranking points

would certain game modes give more ranking points than others?
Based on how well you played in that game would you receive extra ranking points?


Is the ranking based off how long you’ve been playing and how many win/losses?

Example: If I had been playing for 10 hours and won only 55% of those 10 hours, would somebody who has been playing 12 hours, but has only won 50% of their games, but played more games than me would they be ranked higher than me?


Actually i think its gonna be simple thing like.Every time you win you get points.Everytime you loose you loose points


From what I have heard in interviews, it is your second guess. It is based on time and win ratio. I cant say about your specific example, but I imagine people with equivalent win ratios should end up playing together


I remember @MacMan saying that, say you play for six hours, if you lose most of your matches, you’ll only be something like Level 5. If you win most of your matches, you’ll be at a much higher level.


thanks creator for the confirming that and how do you equip the badges/titles on these forums or did it just appear?


It comes up in your preferences, Plaff showed me how to do it, but you have to be granted a title first.


@MacMan can answer this better than I can.


We have a Player Progression, which is what level you are. That value always goes up. It can go up faster or slower depending on how well you do. This progression system unlocks character perks. We have Hunter specific perks, Monster specific perks and universal perks which work for either team.

We also have a hidden player score that we use for matchmaking. We start with your Player Progression level as a base score and then we add or lower that score depending on wins and losses. This is done for Hunter and Monster separately. Since this is based on wins and losses, we don’t care what mode you’re in.

How much your wins and losses affect your hidden score is something we are actively tuning, so I can’t give you specifics at the moment.

Matchmaking : Are the rankings separate?
Ranking/Leveling: Does Evolve Need It?

ok well thanks for explaining as much as you can about it


@MacMan A good plan would be to have Normal games and Ranked games.For example Normal games are just games that you play without loosing or winning any points for your rank.That would be a good place for the new players to begin without worrying about their stats.Then when you feel ok about your gameplay you could move to Ranked games.Play something like 10 calibration games.Depends on how good you do,the higher rank you will begin.After those 10 calibration games the rank will be simple.Like when you win a game you get 50 rank points and when you loose the game you loose 50 rank points.But oh well that’s just an idea of mine.

What i would like to know is if there will be something like…Leaderboards?For example i want to play the Kraken and only the Kraken.Will i be able to see how i do compete versus other Krakens?Not anything shinny just a Leaderboard which will show maybe the top 50 Kraken/Goliath players with the best win ratio?


The only downside of having an unranked and ranked game system that I can see is what happens when good players play unranked. I’ve seen this in other games (LoL comes to mind) where a seriously good player will jump into unranked to test out things and utterly demolish new players that are still getting the hang of how to mantle up cliff faces. And then worst case scenario are people jumping into unranked solely to pubstomp


Nah that wont be the case.Unranked games wont put you to play with a lvl 1 new guy.It will be against people who have almost the same games with you.Maybe they will be worst or better than you but they will have the same expirience you do


Maybe a sort of “newbie lounge” for people below a certain threshold in the ranking system would be in order. The new players can get used to it and once they pass the threshold it’s unavailable for them. That too could be countered by people purposefully tanking their rank, but I think there’s a pretty low amount of people that would go to such lengths just to play against low-level people.

Really though, whatever TRS decides in the end I’m sure will be pretty great. A lot better than that Halo 2 matchmaking I adored oh so very long ago.


Well ok the rank could be however they want it to.My post was about the Leaderboards and if there is gonna be one.


That could definitely be baked into the 10 match calibration. Or even just 5 games per class so players have the chance to get used to them and not get dumped with 3 other level whatevers on their first trapper game.


I hope it is nothing like the League of Legens ranking system, it is terrible ! lol But i trust TRS :slight_smile: it will be good


Agreed! Have faith!


Finally an answer to this. I asked in both alpha and normal forums but never got an answer. Glad to see you’re doing this!


Actually the rank system i explained before is the current system Dota2 works on its ranks.And it could work even better here in evolve because it depends only on the win/loose.


i definately will be on normal games alot even when im high ranked to try new builds on monsters and new combos for hunters. wouldnt want to fall down the ranks because my max banshee mine kraken wasnt working like i thought it would.

also street fighter seems to have a nice system. ranks d-A+. the rank of that character is also portayed in the corner. make it go from 9999 like they do. it would work well since we have individual characters on here. also i love when games say this is a rank up match. it puts the pressure on and gets me excited. id like to be the #1 goliath and a top 100 griffin maybe,