The randomness of quick play


I, like many people on here I assume, like hunt the best, more than defend and arena. I just had a round of quick play that was in this order, arena, defend, arena, arena, defend, arena, defend, arena, hunt, defend. And that one hunt match was over in no time since it was 3 elite 40s against an 11 monster. Trs, if you’re reading this, can you change the way quick play works by making not random but a cycle? Like arena, defend, hunt, arena, defend, hunt. Everyone would get to play what they want and not have to wait ridiculous amounts of time and hope for the next match to be their mode.


Changed the category, as you are trying to suggest something if that’s ok. :smiley:
I do agree with this proposition. I mean, it only makes sense.


Most of the time when defend comes up if it’s all level 40s or higher level players they’ll typically skip over it so that arena or hunt are played.

Defend is in there because people enjoy the mode but didnt want to go and play through Evac.


I think he’s trying to say how certain modes appear too often, not that defend needs to be removed.


Yeah, as it is, defend does appear the most out of the 3 you can choose from. I said that because it’s the mode that is also most chosen to be skipped.


Imo, all we need is a voting system for the gamemode, just like in evacuation.
If there just was a hunt match, then everyone can vote for either arena or defend. If the next round is arena, then afterwards the players can choose between hunt and defend and so on.

I also feel like I’m playing arena and defend too often. It’s like arena, then defend (gets skipped), then arena again. Repeat.
The numbers might say something else, but it definitely feels wrong.


That’s a brilliant idea. TRS support, get in here and make this happen


Or maybe a system like Black Ops 2 to where if Hunt was just played, Hunt and let’s say arena could show up. If hunt is picked again then it can be locked out and something else has to be played for a round.

Idk, I feel arena and defend are ruining quick play because of how much they show up. Variety is great but Hunt should seriously be more prevelant, since its the meat and potatoes of Evolve


I just wish they’d add all of the game modes to quick play… This way the options are much better and the other modes get some usage since not many play evacuation.
I personally love evacuation lol.


I believe it’s not random at the moment, it’ll always be an equal amount of Hunt, Arena and Defend and as long as no map skipping is voted for, there will never be the same mode in a row.

…is the direct result of frequently voting to skip certain modes or maps.

As for the cycle, I’d prefer if it were something like this:

  1. Hunt.
  2. Arena.
  3. EITHER Defend, Nest or Rescue.

Repeat cycle.


Nobody voted to skip except me, so no. There was no frequent skipping.


I would like to see Skirmish come back and maybe replace Evac PvP (never can find anyone) with Quick Play. So the playlists…

Skirmish (hunt only quickplay)
Hunt 2.0 (rank)
Quick Play (rescue, nest, defend, arena, maybe hunt too)
Coop Evac


i support something along these lines , i sometimes feel like a get WAY too many defend matches and not nealry the amount of Hunt matches i would like to play


I’d rather have all of the modes included in quick play and have them randomly come up. No patterns.


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