The Quintessential Evolve Match:


When you think of Evolve, what kind of match springs to mind? Your first ever game back when you sucked as Monster and tried to focus the Assault? Or the original matchup, Goliath vs Maggie, Val, Hank and Markov on Fusion Plant? Perhaps a Tier 2 game on Dam? Or something else entirely?

Post here.


I definitely think of the good old tier one against Goliath, but tbh, I think the Goliath has made the biggest impact on my gameplay experience than the rest of the monsters


Honestly I think of chasing a Monster for a huge amount of time, finally Doming it, and hoping it doesn’t know how to evade so we can get some health damage.

Typically as Abe trying to keep darts in.

I think of Goliath as the fun classic Monster to fight.


Hush, only positive thoughts here! :slight_smile:


something like whacking moles. If you don’t whack it fast enough it will stealth pounce you.


Ah, sorry - it’s just what popped into my mind thinking of the typical Evolve game.

For more fun memories, dodging into the air to avoid a deadly Goliath attack while my team lays into it, then keeping it in Stasis Grenade zones while unloading with the Custom Shotgun.

Moments like that are what keeps me coming back.


Agreed. I would have abandoned any other game by now.


Jumping with jetpack boost directly over the monster and hook a harpune in his head while doming.


Stasis gunning a Behemoth that’s trying to roll out of the dome that’s coming down over their head. Then watching him flip out because my kinetic rifle and stasis combo screws him over… :3


I honestly think of the mind game of cutting off the monster as trapper. When I think of Evolve my mind goes into theorycrafting mode, and begins to continue working on map pathing.


I just think of behemoth these days


In the several games I played when starting to get into Evolve, playing as a monster, I always felt an incredible amount of tension, and adrenalin. The feeling of being in an unknown territory, being hunted, having to escape, run and avoid the hunters. And then the confrontation, the explosive battle of strength and wits.

Playing this game has never been less of a deep, engrossing experience, but I remember those times fondly. I had never played something like this game, and I doubt I will anytime soon. It felt like being there, one could almost smell the moonlit jungle plants, the broken trees, the smell of blood on the ground.

Or even brushing against the vegetation at ground level, as a hunter, the light from the flashlights stopping short at the close bushes as they passed you in the race against the unseen monster, surrounded by darkness and animal noises, one wrong step before falling into a carnivorous plant.

This game is truly amazing.


“Dammit, why is every single of my friends that I’d like to play with offline, in a gae with a full party, or doesn’t own the game?”



I think of my first ever game as the monster on release day. I was a baby Goliath and decided to sit in a bush as the hunters passed…with daisy. I only now realize how lucky I am, because Daisy was just staring at me in the bush with that little red sign above her head. I assume the hunters just thought she was broken because after literally 2 minutes they just left, not even having shot into the bush😂.


Man, I remember my first match as the Monster, back in Alpha.

I was so bad. :joy: