The "Quick Movie Reviews" Topic


I thought it might be cool to have a topic where you can give a brief (a sentence or two) SPOILER FREE review of a movie you have recently seen. Or even request a quick review of a movie you may want to see.

Edit: Ta, @niaccurshi


And naturally, spoiler free, right? :wink:


Hateful Eight - 8/10

Not his greatest, but still a solid Tarantino film that feeds my love of dialogue. I loved the parallels to The Thing and Reservoir Dogs.


Star Wars 7: 8/10
Better than the sequels, but has a very ‘A new hope’ feeling. Which isn’t a particularity bad thing TBH


Hudson Hawk: 9/10

Surreal yet timeless comedy crime caper starring Bruce Willis, a few odd pacing issues with dialogue but an entertaining romp with purposeful singing



Zootopia: 10/10

Obviously some bias on my side, but I absolutely loved this movie. The two main characters were great, it was really funny, and it dealt with a lot of things humans have issues with via furry animals which I thought was a great way of grabbing a kid’s attention.


Jurassic park. Dinosaurs. T-Rex/clever girl.


Mr Nobody

8 out of 10

Jared Leto is the last mortal human alive and is about to die, he reflects on his life and in flashback form multiple versions of his past. Good performances in a somewhat unnervingly odd plot that jumps through time and dimensions… worth sticking through, even if initially it may feel overwhelming.


Forest Gump.
Good movie. It’ll make you really feel your feels.
Life is a box of chocolate. You never know what you’re gona get.
7/10. Don’t like Tom Hanks. This movie needed Leonardo DeCaprio.


Zootopia: 9/10
Nice message about racism and overcoming stereotypes wrapped up in a kid friendly comedy. Very funny and had an engaging plot.

Would have been a ten but the ending was too long…


Tom Hanks is the only person who could ever be Forrest Gump.

My mom used to paraphrase the chocolate line with this instead: Life is like a bag of bugs, you open it up they just go everywhere.

I have no idea what she was talking about but it was funny to me.


The Revenant 9/10

Great story that tied all in by the end with some intense scenes that were unexpected. Plus I got to take my Dad to go see it with me so was extra special.


The Leonardo part was pure sarcasm. :stuck_out_tongue:


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: 8/10
Great combat, New Batsuit, Doomsday. Not enough Doomsday though.


Okay… lol

Just so you know, I was putting on gloves. I was ready for this fight. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think that counts as a spoiler…


I fight in mittens.
And my armpits are always shaved to make me more aerodynamic when I fight. Lol


That sounds uncomfortable.


It would if it wasn’t part of all the promo material that they put out for film magazines in the last two months :confused: