The Quest for Cupcakes!


So a lot of you may know about the term “Cupcaked”. It was used to describe a player that was killed in the very very early version of Evolve known as “Metamorphosis”. It was called this because whenever you would kill a player, a large cupcake would appear at the players death location. Said cupcakes were edible, and served as the Monster’s alternative to edible Hunter corpses.

Well, according to @DamJess, several Cupcakes have been placed around the Evolve world to be discovered by players! This thread serves the purpose of showing players the locations of these Cupcakes that were ever-so deviously hidden by our Manatee Overlords, TRS. A comprehensive list of Cupcake locations, as well as images of them will be compiled below, as a means to keep track of all the decadent delicacies that we, the Evolve Community, have uncovered! If you believe that you have found a new Cupcake, I would like to ask that you post a picture of it, and a short description as to where it can be found, so that I may add it to the list. Cheers, and happy hunting!

Here’s the first cupcake to be seen. We now know that it is indeed in the Dropship, but can only be seen by certain classes. It is theorized that these classes are the Medic and the Support, as they are on the left and right side of the Dropship during the dropping sequence.

How many cupcakes have you found?
Anyone noticed the Cupcake?

Okay yay first thread too intense so scared right now ugh pressure


Maybe you should’ve waited for release to post this?


good god i’m going to be fat finding all these cupcakes.


That was my original thought, but it’s fine. I’ll just leave it here to pick up dust till release. It’s not too long till release anyway. What is it, like another week or two? Besides… Now no one can steal my thread idea >:D


You and me both friend


Nice post keep it up :slight_smile: .



Not gonna spoil it, though.


You bully. I feel like it’s either in a relay room or the Dropship.


I’ll give you a hint, only certain CLASSES can see that cupcake.


Hm. Only Certain classes. I’m assuming the ones to the farthest corners of the drop ship. That would mean Medic and Assault. Must test this.


Medic and Assault are the furthest? I think you are half correct.


Assault and Support are on the sides. Nice try.


Wait… OH! For some reason I was thinking of the ones on the side of the character choosing screen, where it goes Medic, Support, Trapper, and Assault. Gg Tate >.>


1 down, ?? To go!


Well we don’t know WHERE in the Dropship it is… So we have more or less 1/2 down, lol. @MacMan do you know how many there are? Pretty please?


It’s not about finding the cupcakes guys… It’s about finding yourself.

Yeah. That.


I know where in the dropship it is :slight_smile:


So it is in the Dropship… Muhahahahahaaaa…


Yup. Also, it was posted how to find it on these forums a few months ago. Let the search/chase commence!

How many cupcakes have you found?