The Quantum Surge - Update 2.04 - Things that NEED to change (TL;DR down below)

Hello, everyone!
I’d like to talk and suggest some changes and fixes that need to happen in the near future of Evolve Stage 2. The current patch hasn’t been up for long yet as I’m posting this but I already see some things that just doesn’t seem right. Also I’d like to hear everyones opinion on this post, also feel free to comment and express your own opinions about what needs to change in Evolve. So let’s talk about it more.

First of all I’d like to talk about the new “Balance Changes” in the current patch 2.04.

I know that the developers need to make some changes sometimes, to keep the game interesting, but I really don’t understand why would they buff Goliath. Goliath was one of the top monsters since the game was released, and currently he is a pub destroyer. He is kinda difficult to play against in normal hunts when you are playing solo or even with a friend or two. You can only beat him now if you have really good teammates who know what they are doing, but that it rarely the case. Ever since the new patch came out I play mostly vs Goliaths and I can’t come up on top with a win vs him. Now when he hits Stage 2 the Hard Mode is on, On Stage 3 you can’t really win because his damage output is just insane no matter how low his health got. I know that it’s not easy to play the monster, but now it’s kinda impossible to play against Goliath.

Up next I want to discuss the new feature that has been added to the game and that is matchmaking by skill not by rank. I find it really annoying that I can’t see the rank of other players that I’m playing with. And the skill matchmaking needs some much needed improvement. For example I played vs a monster main player that was a high level with a monster he currently played, and on my team there was a player that just had 6 hours of evolve gameplay, while I have around 60 hours of gameplay. The matchmaking needs some improvement ASAP.

Next thing I want to talk about are some bugs that I occured in the game. Me and my friend noticed a bug that we started to experience in this current patch 2.04. Its a sound/audio bug. We were playing Evolve when all of a sudden we heard a loud crack/bang in our headseats and then the sound from the game completely dissappeared. We tried restarting the game and the bug dissappeared just for a little while, it got back a soon as we started another hunt. It is nearly impossible to play this game without sound. We really don’t know what is the issue but we hope that this gets fixed soon.

For the last thing I would love that they put back the old dropships. The new dropship feature is just kinda stupid for me. For example a monster kills you and while there is a good chance that you get revived by your teammate, you just get teleported back to the dropship, and you lose some valuable time, and in that time you could’ve damage the monster for a bit more or heal up or shield up your teammates. That feature really gives the upperhand to the monster. I know that this happens in earlygame mostly but it’s still very annoying.


  • Goliath needs a nerf (since most of the hunters got nerfed, few underplayed got buffs)
  • Matchmaking needs adjustments
  • Player ranks should be visible to you and others
  • Fix the sound/audio bug
  • Put back old dropships or make a few adjustments to them

I hope that this post was interesting and I’d like to hear your opinions, thoughts and minds about this post in the comments and I also hope that the developers see this!

Haven’t played yet so I cannot give an honest opinion on it.

MM will be getting a rehaul. They are writing custom MM that will take a LONG time.

With the New MM they are using a hidden score. Having the Profile Number, while nice means jack shit since the Hidden Number is based on skill rather than time played. Now asking to display the hidden skill is a different story and I suspect UI being swamped is the main reason it isn’t done.

Literally just went Live yesterday, so I’m sure someone is working on it, give it a day or so and the reason the game is a BETA.

Haven’t played with the newest changes, but on paper, doesn’t really scare me all that much.

Here’s a workaround until they narrow down the cause

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I disagree.

I’ll admit to being a Goliath fanboy who wants nothing but buffs to help the poor sod in comp play and yet even I will acknowledge that Goliath is doing really well in pubs now.

However I don’t think he does too good. No better in pubstomping than a Behemoth against which casual players don’t know how to stay out of his range or a Kraken that will kill newcomers in Evolve before they even got a chance to use their jetpack.

And I might add that Goliath was getting absolutely demolished by semi-competent teams. Not just really good players, no, decent enough players who know how to jump in front of Rock Throws and kite around a rock were more than enough to defeat Goliath with ease.
Now Assault’s class ability has been nerfed (though I don’t agree with this being the best approach in nerfing Hunters) and Rock Throws are slightly more damaging.
Goliath needed some love and some love is what he got. Not too much, not too little.

Pub players will soon catch up on how to kite Goliath as well and then he’ll struggle again. Give it some time.

Now this one I agree with 100%.
I’m getting paired with players that have fewer than 10 hours spent in Evolve.

It’s funny how I can’t discuss this issue without indirectly bloating about my own performance but no - I do not believe I (an Evolve veteran with over 1k hours spent in-game) am equal in skill to a noob that doesn’t even know that Laz should do the reviving.

And the worst part is that I’m worried that TRS hasn’t revealed exactly WHAT this “super secret hidden skill rating” is based on because if they would, everyone would probably immediately be able to point out flaws with it.

Is it based on winrate? (I don’t even need to tell you why that would be ridiculous)

Is it based on how much damage I do as Assault? (problem: The more damage you’ve done in a match, the longer it took you and your team to kill the Monster)

Is it based on how much I healed as the Medic? (problem: The more I healed in a match, the longer it must’ve taken us to kill the Monster)
You get the idea.

I’m really sceptic about this new hidden skill rating. We know nothing about it and yet it determines who we’re constantly put in lobbies with.

You’re apparently not the only one with this issue.

See if the below solution from another thread helps you out:

I agree with this as well.

The whole point of this “improvement” is flawed to begin with. I keep hearing that the forced respawn is to make the game “noob friendlier” because apparently noobs weren’t able to notice the HUGE prompt on screen telling you to “Press B to respawn on dropship”.

That’s ridiculous.

TRS assumed the absolute worst from new players and every player suffers from it as a result.

Laz went from underpowered to “Hahahaha. No. Just no.”

Medics have trouble deciding whether it’s worth reviving someone or not.

Incapped Hunters are occasionally forced to waste time on that short dropship sequence even though they were half a second away from being revived.

That sort of stuff.

And it’s not even making the game any easier for those select few players that were apparently dumb enough not to notice said huge prompt telling them to press B, because the prompt is there as soon as you go down and press B does not give you an INSTANT respawn, so if anything you just made the game MORE confusing to those players by enforcing the process on them.

It’s sake for the sake of change, not for the sake of improvement. The new dropship adds a whole new layer of unnecessary complexity to both Hunters and Monster gameplay.

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Goliath is manageable.

METEOR goliath though,i just quit when i see him being picked now.

I actually like the automated dropship quite a bit. It takes another level of complexity out of the game. Another tactical thing new players could mess up. For high skilled players it doesn’t really change much. It’s just a very nice QoL change.

And it doesn’t really screw over Laz big time. The first hunter will be down for 21 seconds I believe. You can do plenty amounts of damage to a monster in that time.


^ this guy gets it

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^ This. Laz’s real issue is his inability to revive a downed player without getting body camped and reset after every little hair that touches him. He also struggles keeping the team alive in the first place.

This all may be true. But it leads to pretty awesome games. :smiley:
Just had one of those yesterday. Everyone was dying constantly but somehow we pulled through. So many clutch moments. It was an amazing experience!

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I can respect a good Laz, it takes skill. But he still needs some kind of fix if he wants to be a viable medic. (Lower heal burst cooldown please)

I haaaaaaaaaate it when people say, “THESE NEED TO CHANGE”, and then list things out such as…


…like, dude, they’ve got other much more important things to do.

Also, don’t sign your name. It’s against the forum rules.

I agree that they have much more important things to do and that is listening to community feedback and comments like my post. I was just giving out my opinion what needs to change because things now seem quite unbalance. Don’t hate!

Yeah, they uh, do that all the time, bro. They read nearly every single thread posted, or at least try to. I know that they definitely read every single thread in the “Suggestions” and “Bugs” categories, and more than likely the majority of the threads in “General”.

I don’t hate your suggestions. I just hate it when people put things like, “THESE NEED TO CHANGE” or, “I’M GONNA LEAVE IF YOU DON’T CHANGE THIS”. It simply annoys me, is all. In all honesty, your suggestions aren’t half bad. I just don’t like what you put in the title, is all.

Every monster in the right hands is a pub destroyer.
So far matchmaking has been really good to me maybe I’m just lucky.
Agree that player levels should be visible. No particular reason but I like seeing them.
Bugs getting fixed I’m always for!
Auto dropship is probably going to be here to stay. Most of the players are noobs and it has helped more than it’s hurt.

Thanks for posting!

He literally just got nerfed… Meteor Goliath isn’t any better than regular Goliath at the moment.

He got buffed

Morgan Freeman died yesterday.

See, its not very fun when people just straight up lie.

Those are ALL of the changes Meteor Goliath received last patch. Damage reduction, damage reduction, damage reduction. and a radius increase to match the new OG Goliath buff.