The Quantum Surge - Update 2.04 - DISCUSSION

Whelp Behemoth roll infinite stamina bug has been fixed but there is no mention of it, and it killed Behemoth, great

Guess i m gonna wait another month before he viable i guess

Damn i am at work. Will try it first thing i reach home :sunglasses:


I cannot buy quantum caira too :confused:

Is it me, or does Quira look like she wouldn’t be too out of place in a Megaman game?


Cool! More content!

Oh wait I’m on ps4


This could be either really good or absolutely fucking terrible. If it works like the ranked mode, me as a solo queue-person, who get matched with really … unexeperienced, to put it nicely, hunters as teammates, I will get into a death spiral of loosing matches because of my team, getting a worse skill rating and thus getting worse teammates. There is just no way for me to carry them.

I like it. Besides Support, because I main Kala, I pretty much preferred all other roles equally. Now I get more Silver Keys for less playing Kala. Sound about fair.

I see this as a buff to Kala. Better passive health regen means better regen when teleported outside a dome.

I am probably the most excited about this. Before even playing, I can tell this is a decent move in the right direction, though I do not think yet that it was enough.

I think I already commented enough on the rest of the changes, so I will leave this here and try it out now.

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I just love this new patch. It’s like a goody bag full of awesomeness! I see our opinions’ been responded. Keep up the great work TRS!


Really happy with the update so far, the character + perk demo in single player is a brilliant addition, the most discussed issue in my opinion that the devs really tried to fix was pre-match and during-match quitting, the devs really payed attenion to the communities requests, also by giving extra keys if you didnt get your preferred role is a good incentive for people to stay in the match. Really satisfied and really hope that he devs push for evolve to become a a full blown competitive e-sport, i believe that it has the potential to reach the size of games like dota and counter-strike. Looking forward to more updates as the game progresses :smile:






Definitely, or overwatch.

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You guys :smiley:


better make 2 or 3 so you got everything covered :wink: .


Yeeees, nerf hunters even moar! Pubs are gonna luv ya!


I don’t think you understand how skill ratings work.

Imagine you are have a rating of 1000, but your actual skill level is 2000.
You play with teammates that have a rating of 1000 and enemies that have a rating of 1000.

This means everyone is worse than you, including your enemies, if you are better then you are more likely to win. You might lose that game, so your rating goes down. But you’ll play another game and another game, the worse the other players are- the better you will be by comparison.

The more games you play the less you can blame luck or teammates for your rating. The only consistent factor in all of your games is yourself, some teammates play better and some worse, but at the end of the day you are the only one who determines your skill rating.

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Just wait till next week.

You could say…


are heating up.


So can we queue for monster in parties now or is it still disabled in this patch?

QCaira is straight up garbo. Cool concept but doesn’t have the sustain needed.

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Volcano map confirmed

Calling it


Yeah no, i think i m done, the only monster i wanna play is Behemoth, and i only want to play monster, and with the bunch of games i just had i m fucking done, maybe i ll be back in 2 months when they actually fix him i m just so fucking done

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So first of all, I like the changes overall. Keep up the good work!

Just one thing: what’s the point in rewarding players picking “random” preference if they still steal other players their prefered role? As far as I can tell, the “random” really means you get a random preference assigned instead of giving you the role that is needed in the current lobby.

I often have the case where all roles except one is prefered, therefore picking “no prefered role” or “random” should assign you the role that nobody wants. Instead you really get a “random” role, resulting in stealing another players role, causing them to leave.

If you really want to do something against that, just make it so the “random” preference is more like a “get what’s missing”. That way people will get their prefered role more often and rewarding the “random” preference would make more sense.

edit: This issue could also be a bug, so please correct me if I got this wrong.