The Quantum Surge - Update 2.04 - DISCUSSION

nice buff for emet much appericiated and quantum caira is the best!

Okay now let’s get serious for a moment.
The new matchmaking is seriously fucked. I have >200 hours in the game now and an average win rate of 80% with monster and get matched with people who didn’t even play the game for 10 hours. I don’t know if this is a bug, but this is definitely not how it should be.

Also, yesterday we were playing 4-man hunter premade. We were all over 100 hours, two of us veterans with over 800 hours. We got a monster with literally 1.6 hours and obviously destroyed it without even using any healing. If you don’t want to lose all your new players revert the patch asap or fix the skill rating thing.

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don’t think that slimm is too strong: lower rpm + magazine

Maybe, too early to tell. Haven’t played with him enough.

More hunters, how about monsters? I hope it’s more balanced in that case.

Causes players to switch to a random hunter role if they find a lobby with a full team of 4 just to farm Keys.

Why are you guys trying to reinvent Laz? I don’t think making him near invincible for some time is what he needs.
I’d much rather love to see his Glove cooldown cut in half so you don’t have to choose between 2 downed hunters because the second one will bleed out (or be eaten by the dropship -.-) before it’s ready again. Not to mention that the Monster will have reached the opposite end of the map by then…

You can stop the bleedout by constantly reviving them and then stopping at the end. If they are nearly dead, use your healing field as well to keep them alive.

Wont stop the all-consuming dropship though, but it’s something.

It still takes a friggin long time. You’re better off to just pick them up the usual way and give them a strike than to sit around for half a minute, doing nothing constructive and waiting for that cooldown…

Krakens: That’s the point, you get perks and different skins to be able to use abilities against monsters like Kraken. Don’t sit there and say “that’s not fair”, because monsters need to do the same thing against hunter skins and we have less.

Behemoth: Unlock perks to make him faster He’s a giant rock.

“Ragdoll” Cliffs: It can be pretty irritating, but that’s the point, a little disadvantage for the hunters, just like harpooning monsters… it is extremely annoying.

Wraith: It’s not too fast, the player might have perks to increase traversal regain/speed as well, I have a hard time getting away from hunters when they’re on my ass and continuously harpooning me. Sometimes there’s good days and bad days with that.

Survey Satellite: That’s the point, it’s not gonna sit there and tell you EXACTLY where the monster is, that’s not very fair to the monster if it’s slow, everyone will end up ganking em’ and bursting.



Laser cutter QoL

Can you give the Hank bros a little QoL buff? Their laser cutters (or maybe just Hank’s? I’m not sure) take a long time to initiate before you can shoot. Back in the days where the capacity and the damage were huge that made sense.
But now the capacity is tiny and it deals like 11 DPS.

It would be a huge QoL change if you could decrease that initiation time. Would make it easier to kill spiders and banshee mines. :slight_smile:

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Where that Behemoth at? c;

I love how you can test out all the monster/hunter skins before purchase, love love love.

The matchmaking is better, but it could still use some tweeking. I haven’t noticed anymore hackers, what’d ya’ll do?? Anyways, a good step forward!

Hackers get pitted against each other with their infinite skill level :>

Ok, here we go!

Stuff that I don’t like/understand:

  • Dropship: I understand that you want to guide new people, but the countdown start on incap and the automated teleport to the dropship are still not good. It removes the option to have some bait for the Monster and punish bodycamps. The teleport is a bit of a game breaker because, if you incap somebody at 0 seconds, that guy gets teleported to the ship and drops down with the team. I had it a couple of times as Monster and once on Hunter

  • Matchmaking: people still leave, you still have a downtime until you found 5 people. The part that I don’t like here is, when I joined a queue, and I’m in that queue for ~ 2minutes and want position X, and I already got that position once, but one guy left, why is it randomized that I don’t keep that position, even tho I already had that slot save, once?

  • Tutorial:

    • Assault: Shield - “So save it for when the Monster is focusing you.” I would rather hear/use something like “[…] focusing you and you’re on low HP”. Pub Assaults pop their shield as soon as the Monster looks at them
  • General: The Dome part. People will throw the Dome as soon as it pops up. Sometimes the Monster engages and people throw it instead of waiting for low or no armor. This is crucial for Stage 3 fights

Thinks I like:

  • Goliath
  • feels good, I love that you can use Rock Throw while eating and, with proper timing, use Flame Breath while pouncing (those might be bugs)
  • Wraith
  • Decoy (should be a bug too but I love it)
  • Tutorials I FUCKING LOVE THEM! I hope you’ll add some advanced tutorials aswell, like “how to dodge ability X”. Maybe some Jetpack management and basic coordination/positioning aswell

Thank you

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Seeing as how the Assault Defense matrix only negates half damage now, that really should say something about using it early. Like after 1/4-1/3 of your health is gone. Turn it on much later then that and it probably won’t do you much good.

Wat are the Dev’s thinking on this? They want assaults to use it early?
Only reason I can think why they would nerf it down this much.

To be honest, I dont find using the defense matrix at low HP very good. If you have like 300 HP and get hit by a rock, you will die with or without the defense matrix, so you actually should use it with relatively high HP and try to absorb as much damage as possible.
I liked it the old way better, but this is how it is now.

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no i m saying that it made him strong

I’m 99% sure that those are bugs. :smiley:


I believe what they are talking about is that while you are eating, you can cue up your attack so just when your finished, Goliath would rip his rock out… (its nothing special, just a way to time things)

I’m not satisfied with smacking you with my hands. I’m cook you as well.

Also, Leap Smash has no splash damage, correct?

Omg Good job reducing the healing/shielding on hunters and increasing damage on monsters.
A very smart way to nerf/buff so that most people won’t notice it but these changes have massive effect on gameplay.
I’d say huge nerf for hunters. Lost my excitement after trying out some matches as hunter