The PS4 Pre-Download Has Started!


I just wanted to let everyone who purchased the game in the playstation store know, and i wanted to sincerely thank trs for the amazing game they have presented us, and all of you for the great 7 months I’ve spent on these forums. Although i didnt post alot, i read almost every topic, and i truly love this community. Thank you all!

Ps4 preload?
Europe no preload yet 14h left?
Seriously, devs.. Please (consoles)
Ps4 preload?

You’re welcome.I know i’m awesome.


can confirm, just turned on ps4 and it notified me it had started along with the update file.


can’t confirm - no download in Germany so far.


Just to confirm

Here is proof @Adolf


Wow what’s this update file?Is it the day 1 patch?


I can’t say if it is or not, but it is the same size as the day 1 patch, so I can only assume it is.


doesn’t change the fact, that it is not available globally atm. good for u however.

shouldn’t the full size be above 20GB?


The pc got 26GB update.5GB seems very low


Yeah it says the whole thing is 23 gbs. That’s weird


5GB is playable but will download the rest in the background, it will be complete before it’s released.


Mine doesn’t seem to start, have the checkmark in the checkbox for auto download and nothing is happening. Can I force it somehow?


Are you in NA?


Nope, United Kingdom of the British Isles.


Im not shure, but i think that may be why. Im in NA, so maybe only we can download right now


That’s just how the ps4 works it’ll download either the multiplayer or single player portion first then the rest will download off screen.


Ok cool thanks!


I would think UK should get it earlier if so, it being past midnight here already.

No UK gamers who can confirm they are having the same results?


Like i said, that was the only reason I could think of, not saying it’s right. @Plaff Is it downloading for you?


UK here - no pre-load yet.