The Problems with Behemoth & The Fix


Is that he is a tanky monster that isnt all that tanky. Oh I’m sure he can take a hit better then Goliath and all that jazz but the fact is the other monsters are supieor because they can actually move around and dodge incoming damage while Behemoth for the most part just has to sit there and take it.

Not being hit will always be better then being tanky.

Its why Wraith, Gorgon, and even Kraken do so well. They can play keep away all god damn day while doing plenty of damage and taking very little in return.

His lack of mobility also makes him incredibly predictable to a Hunter who knows what he’s doing. Giving Behemoth very few paths to get around. This however is unlikely to change because its part of his gimmick.

The second reason is because Behemoth telegraphs literally everything he does. Goliath wants to breath fire? Instant fire. Gorgon wants to vomit like a frat boy? Instant disgusting. Kraken can fire out sonic booms and banshee mines like they’re going out of style. Wraith has quite a bit of telegraphing but its no where near as long and loud as a Behemoth.

The reason this is possibly his biggest weakness since the hunters are mostly likely always going to take every little speed and jetpack perk that comes to them. Giving them plenty of material to just avoid everything the Behemoth has.

Now I actually have a suggestion for Behemoth. If Behemoth is destined to be a big slow piece of stink then use it to his advantage. Combine his Wall ability with his Lava Bomb and give him his own little death arena ability.

“What do you mean an arena style ability?”

Think Jarven from League of Legends or Odin from Smite. He plops his fat ass down and creates big fiery crater that does dot damage to everyone inside of it. Then the Hunters have to either make the choice of dealing with the fire(and the big angry rock asshole) or fly over the walls to get out. Behemoth gets to keep his tongue grab and earthquake ability. He would just need a new fourth ability to help keep the Hunter’s stuck in his little realm of pain.

“Sounds over powered”

It does until you consider the idea of Torvard, Hank, and Caira bombing the shit out of him in his little crater from up on high. Im sure there’s a trapper who could take advantage of that too… Abe maybe?

Anyway. these are my thoughts on what is wrong with Behemoth and how to possibly improve them.


I believe they are going to give him a Passive Ability where the more sustained Damage he takes, he gains a Stronger Damage Resistance Perk.


It’s been confirmed that he’s getting a passive, but where did you gather all that from?


I actually think this was on the table as a possible ability at one point. It’s in his concept art I think.


Prooobably should’ve kept it then~


Here it is.

There ya go.


They seem like just different variations of what he has now.


It’s when they were teasing TU9 and before Stage 2 was released. Don’t know where the link is but I can find it for you


im hoping some of this make into his adaption




One of the Streams. They talked about that and a possible Goliath Passive where he gets a faster Cool Down the more damage he outputs.




Would this even help Behemoth? I have ran full damage reduction perks but it never seems to help all that much because:

  1. The hunters still have a huge target.
  2. Behemoth is slow on both movement and abilities.
  3. A quarter of Behemoth’s abilities actually work properly. (Lava Bomb)
  4. Behemoth’s traversal speed is wonky.

If this change were to happen, Wouldn’t it be possible for hunters to not shoot for a couple seconds and reset the sustained damage modifier?

Assuming Behemoth’s abilities and traversal get fixed, I think it might be better to give behemoth a start-up time reduction on his abilities.

Wouldn’t it be cool if Behemoth could gain health by over consuming meat when he has full armour.



It be nice if all monsters regained health based on the amount of armor they had when they evolved.


What I’d really like to see is a Monster Hunter styled rage mode for Behemoth.

  • Attack animations would be faster
  • His general movement would be faster (walk speed, traversal speed, climb speed).
  • Would do more damage on abilities, melee attacks and roll.
  • Would have a scary visual effect to show Behemoths enraged.

The more health Behemoth loses, the more likely he will enter “RAGE” mode. The “RAGE” mode would have a set duration of say 20-30 seconds. I think this would solve all of Behemoth problems, whilst still keeping him manageable to kill. He would still be easy to hit and therefore, susceptible to taking huge damage. Or maybe I’m just desperate to get a monster hunter mechanic into Evolve.:grin:

It’s easy to see why Behemoth would get enraged. He can’t move fast enough to squash the flys buzzing over his head, nor can he scratch that itch in-between his tectonic plates.


Seems more like a Goliath thing… Or maybe that’s just me. Goliath always struck me as the most vicious of the monsters and a berserk type.


No, I agree with you. I feel like Behemoths “thing” would be more gluttonous. However, I think Behemoth needs rage mode more. Goliaths planned passive sounds like it would help a lot, whilst Behemoths doesn’t sound like it would help at all.


A friend of mine suggested a thorn ability for Behemoth.


Haven’t played against him very much. But the last time I did play him was with Lennox and we ate that poor bastard up in like 8 minutes. There was a point where I got locked behind a wall with him but because I was being shielded and healed at the same time, I came out on top. He was dishing damage, yes but I had enough mobility perks to dash around frequently.

He needs a rework to be viable against high amounts of damage since he cannot move that much.