The Problem with the Monster Skills


So from start every monster player can decide in which skill he will invest his 3 starting points right

The big problem that causing alot of trouble now (espacialy kraken) is that you can spent 3 point in 1 ability right form the beginning

making the ability unlockable by tier’s would solve that and would make the matches way more entertaining

meaning by that

at tier 1 you can pick the first points in 4 abilitys
at tier 2 you can get em on 2 points

tier 3 self explanatory


I myself don’t find this to be a problem. The Monster is sacrificing utility and flexibility for one big-hitter. Smart Hunters will save all of their jetpack/shield charge/burst heals for when that one ability is used. Then they have an average of 8-12 seconds before it is used again, giving plenty of time to heal up and recharge.

There are few all-in abilities that can be used effectively for stage 1 fights, most of which are counter-able. Vortex and Warp Blast are probably the best all-in abilities right now but they require that the Monster hits more than 1 person with at least several usages to actually get a down, so again that is counter-able.


And when the Kraken jumps in with 1 in all 4 abilities at stage 1? I can already stage 1 win, with CDR, and DMG buff. 1 in light, mines, vortex. Win almost every time. Now we give that Kraken the AoE as well? ^.-


lets . . . not . . . do this. i dont want supernova clogging up my wraith build


Yeah, I hate it when this happens too


Why is this a problem? Having 3 crappy one star skills doesn’t get you much…


Yeah, I don’t see why this is a problem. The points are yours to spend how you like. Not sure why it needs more limitations.


Yeah what @Hyble said. It’s not really anything I have noticed to be a problem.


You know the term TRS uses for this practice is “Monster Suicide.” Just so ya know. :wink:


Sometimes you have to question a hunter players logic, this thread… I don’t even.


As a massive Hunter player (who also plays just as much Monster) I can safely attest that we aren’t all like this. I swear.


Haha that’s a relief, some of these ideas people come up with are worrying though.


They’re a vocal minority. I hope.


so on a logical point of view - if you have any of that sir -
it is quit logical to level up in that way

the monster in stage 1 is meant to be weak and have to run away from the hunters and avoid them at any costs
this is the tier 1 gameplay mechanic

stage 2 is meant to played as an offense try vs the hunters you may win the game or you may loose it - its an even fight now so if you are going to loose it you will try to unlock tier 3 to get advantage of your full potential and go for it again

right now as it is you can even win tier 1 fights easily choosing 3 point in 1 skill and rushing for a dmg buff
you dont have to prevent fights at any costs the penality for a stage 1 dome isnt even given since you can punish the hunters with strikes already


Actually thats not true. Every time I’ve tried this (Goliath, Stage 1, 3 rock, Damage buffet+CDR perk) i got absolutely roflstomped. It may pack high damage, but it lacks sustainability, as the damage done by my rock is easily negated by the medic (hell even laz can outheal it) before I have another rock to throw, rendering any and all health loss i take as a negative upon my part with no positive to counterbalance it.
In short-Stage 1 is dangerzone for Monsters (except Kraken, cuz Kraken is broken atm), even those that try (and fail) to rush a stage 1 win.
Only stage 1 win i got was because of a friendly albino nomad i call Norman


Monsters are already weak and fragile at stage 1, three points into one skill will not get you a win against any half decent team. The system we have now works perfectly, points are allocated depending what stage the monster is, and they can decide which ability to put points into. Not only does this system work, it also adds a certain variety and versatility to the game, it lets a monster player play the way he wants. The system you suggested takes away the player creativity and funnels every monster into the same build, I think the consequences of this are obvious.

Sounds like you have been getting beaten by skilled monster players at stage 1, instead of coming to the forums and demanding changes to an already perfect system, try improving your gameplay to overcome the issues you’re having.



Should be renamed “How to beat horrible teams”