The problem with the mapdesign,thirdperson view and autoaim


I know the playtest was not a alpha.
Releasing a testversion 3 month before the actual release of the game,
does not give you enough time to change substantial things like gameplayfeatures.
Most of the features are set in stone at this moment in time and you can only tweak minor things from now on.

Naming it big alpha is just a marketing strategy to promote your game better and give people,who are
interested in the game,the false feeling that their feedback regarding core gameplay features actually matters.

I for my self really like parts of the game.

-I like the love to detail,when it comes to modeling the maps ,characters and machines on the map.
Small stuff like the thrusters of the landing ship are actual moving in a different direction,to compensate for the hover motion of the ship.
Or that the armor of the hunters is actual build out of different polygon layers,which can move relative to each other when the hunter is moving his body,
instead of being one big texture overlay.

-And i really like the concept of a asymetric fps multiplayer game and that you are brave enough to try something like 4 vs 1 .

But i have a big fear that this game will go exactly down the same road as titanfall did.
People will buy your game (you have secured that with your marketing strategies),but after that they will lose very quick interest in the game.
because there are not enough interesting core gameplay mechanics to keep people interested.Different gamemodes , maps , hunters and monsters change nothing about the fact that
There are not enough layer of gameplay while playing the game. This game plays in some parts,as i said before, like dota 2 but without 90 % of dota 2 gameplayfeatures.Even if you have 300+ different characters,or maps to choose from,it will not
compensate for a lack of core gameplayfeatures:

-The npc creatures on the map are just not hostile/aggressive enough against the players and the monster.They lose focus way to much,if you hover over their heads.And you don’t need special strategies to fight against different npc mobs.
-There are no npc creatures which hunt in packs and trying to surround you beside of the trapjaws.
-The buffs,which the killed npc creatures give you,are totally randoom.It would be better if creature x would give you a fixed buff x.Why take away all the strategy of searching after creatures,which have the buffs i want to customize my character with??
-All the maps,i have seen so far,are made out of one art asset(A very beautifull made/executed one,i give you that,but still only one). A grand canyon looking map asset with rocks and dusty ground does not become a forest if you put some trees on it.
Where are the real avatar like jungle maps with foliage so thick/dense that you can hide in it,or the big city ruins of a lost civilization where everything is overgrown with foliage and animals living in the streets
I don’t know,lava and snow maps are cool,but i would rather have a little bit more unique art assets than just dessert , lava and snow. And don’t say you have forest because you don’t .
The vegetation is just not dense enough on your “forest” maps to call them actually forest maps

-There are not enough interesting ways for the hunters or monster to interact with the environment. The actual geometry in the environments is just not made in that way to
support this kind of role shifting cat and mouse gameplay,beside of the vertically:

  1. The vegetation/foliage is just not dense enough that you can actually hide in it(not as hunters and not as monster),without being seen.
    The fact that you don’t have destructible environments,like in battlefield,is the reason that there are no buildings with small rooms,where the hunter can go in and hide from the monster.And the monster has to destroy or burn those (wooden?)
    buildings to get the hunter out.Every room the hunter enter is gigantic and there is hardly any space for the hunter to really hide in or behind.
    2.Even if most of your maps play at night , there is actually no place where it is so dark that you can’t see the other,if you turn of your flashlight and are 10 or 20 meters away.So no real hiding in the dark when the enemy gets close.There is no real shadow without light :wink: So where are the brighter daylight maps with overhead sunlight and contrast rich shadow areas in them??
  2. The climbing mechanic of the monster,as it is implemented now,doesn’t allow the monster to just hang on one spot high on the wall and just wait in this position to surprise the hunters,or hang from the roof like a sleeping bat and drop down when the hunter are moving under your position.
  3. The jetpack runs to fast out of fuel,so that the hunters are to slow on the map to actually catch up with the monster.If a monster is constantly on the run,then the whole game exists out of one giant loop around the map.
    And the only way for the hunters to catch up is,to split up and risk to be taken out one by one.If there where actually good hidingspots,for the hunters and the monster,on the one side(like small buildings to go in or hanging from the roof or camouflage mechanics) and a faster way for hunter to get around the map(like using grabbling hooks to climb faster big rocks and some ejection seats of crash landed jets on the map,which catapult you around the map when you sit in them and push the eject button) than you would not need this kind of loop around gameplay,which lets every round play the same.

-But the worst thing in the game are weapons with a autoaim look on mechanic,like the healgun,shieldgun, markovs lightning gun or the damage amplifying laserbeam of carbot .
Having weapons which auto aim for you in a fps ,so that all you have to do is pulling the trigger, is so wrong mindet.The gameplaydesigner(or maybe it was a publisher request-i bet it was this jparty guy-it must be this way),who has implemented this “monstrosity” should never be let near a game ever again.At least decrease the area around the enemy where the weapon goes into autoaim mode, or give us a hardcore mode with decreased or disabled autoaim
Or let us play private matches with the option to turn of this autoaim feature and the hud icon spam-babysitt feature and everyboady is happy!
You promote your game as an esport game in your friday livestreams , with those esport commentator style,but than you have autoaim weapons in them.And one player can only play out of third person perspective(the monster).

I know you have included the autoaim for the casuals,but at the same time it hurts your gameplay.And casuals wont come in a huge amount,if they don’t watch tis game on a regular base on twitch as esport event.

It will not work as esport.
No one who wants to play competitive esport likes to have weapons which aim automatically for him,or wants to walk around the whole game in third person in a game which is based around aiming at the enemy(starcraft or dota is another genre!).

Beside of that,third person gives you the ability to hide behind objects and at the same time see things on the other side of the object even if your character is looking at a solid wall.It gives the person playing in third person an unfair advantage against the first person player.
If you at least had made the monster in the way that you can swap between first person or third person perspective and while you are in third person and standing with the face to a rock than the screen don’t shows you other playersthings behind the rock.

You have one chance: Make substantial gameplaychanges in the dlcs or nobody will buy them (just like titanfall), their is still time for that.And include some of the things above or other ideas which fix the problems i have mentioned.
I know you will not listen and that’s the tragedy because you exist in your own biome surrounded only by your co workers and you have puten your sweat hart and soul to long into creating that game to have enough distance for being still in a objective mindset and open for critic plus there is the financial min-max strategy issue the publisher a putting on you.

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