The problem with stealth pounce


Here’s the set up. Stage 1 elite kraken. 3 points in aftershock. No armor, one bar of health. Bucket on the ground shooting, one turret firing. Me, Parnell, full health, full shield, super soldier ready to go. Empty the barrels into it, start reloading for final blast… and stealth pounced.

That fight was won. There’s no way a stage 1 kraken with that little health could survive an encounter with a full health super soldier. The stealth pounce is a cowards move and should be removed.


And they should remove the infinite ammo that the hunters have.


Back in testing phase they actually played with limited ammo and dropped ammo bots down to replenish it, but since it’s such a hectic game they figured that’d be way too stressy.
And I kinda agree with their choice, limited ammo feels way too hard on such a game like this, imo


I don’t get this.

You won right? A stealth pounce shouldn’t be possible on a team with bucket. And even then, it’s an extremely viable move because any hunter worth his mettle will punish the monster for it.


Oh I’ve read their post talking about that or saw a video on it.


Ayup. Twas in the Development of Evolve thread ^^"


I would not consider a fight where you lose 3 Hunters to a stage 1 Kraken as a win…


Ive made like 3 or 4 threads on this, itd be great to actually get it discussed but they wont discuss it, the people on here will just start picking fights because it doesnt bother them that you only have to kill 3 hunters to win, all youll see is
“If 3 of you have died you shouldnt win anyways”
“If you got pounced you deserve to die”
“If the monster kills 3 hunters he should win anyways”
For some reason they think the monster should auto win at 3 kills, so i wish something could be done about it but too many people on here defend that garbage


Bad hunters who blame mechanics for their complete failure to recognize a fight NOT going in their favor, should be removed.


your argumentation is lacking. Why should a single Hunter have a chance at winning? If the Monsters health is not extremely low, i don´t see any reason that 1 Hunter should be enough to win. On the other hand, downing 3 hunters is not auto win like you say it. A competent team disengages way before that and should run instead of sticking to the end.


Wait so monster shouldnt stop the last hunter from running around pillars jumping around? Monster shouldnt stop the last hunter from running to the other side of the map countless times? But wait a minute! its not the hunters fault, its the monsters fault for letting the last hunter run away to the other side of the map and the monsters fault to take the time to try and kill the pillar hopper or play ring around the rosey until the others come back in. Hmmm yes yes i see your argument.


Point made^


Because a monster with almost no heath should not be able to 100%CC someone until their dead for a win iv lost so many close games i shouldve won to that garbage


People need to stop thinking of it as a stealth move. It’s just a pounce. Real animals pounce all the time, whether they’re being steathy or not. It’s simply a pounce, which is a way for the monster to trap the hunter.


There are so many abilities to kill a lone hunter other than pounce, its not necessary and it irritates the hell out of people there is no reason to keep it there other than the easy win, a hunter should be given the chance to out skill the monster, but instead the monster get a tool to outnoob the hunter instead


100% CC that robs all control from a player, stealth or not has that ever been fair in a game? And does it sound fair? Would that sound like a fun tool to implement if someone pitched it to you?


Obviously there is, since it happened. The phrase you’re looking for is “I lost and I didn’t want to lose so I should win”.

Hunters have far far FAR cheesier shit available to them than pouncing.

They are. It’s that time from when you fall out of the dropship, up until the point where your entire team save one is dead. That would be the chance you are looking for.


So you think once there is one hunter left the monster should be handed the win


If anything, I’d like stealth pounce to have more character and be a much more offensive ability that encourages hunting. I would have it vary between monsters as well, with the Wraith and Kraken having the most deadly, with the Goliath and Behemoth the weakest, in that order. Perhaps disabling it entirely in combat/the dome, but having a much faster kill rate. Maybe adding individual flair to the way each pounce behaves or the range it can be performed etc.

I feel it is actually a missed opportunity by TRS to reward aggressive “stalking the prey” style game-play from the monster.


I can’t believe this is still being cried about, I mean discussed. Lol. They have given you crybaby hunters so many advantages already. What more do you want? Let me guess you want your weapon to kill the monster with one shot.