The Problem with Kraken


Kraken has always been extremely strong. Up until the latest patch however it was overshadowed by complaints regarding the wraith, who as a monster was never overpowered, simply incredibly obnoxious. Now that Goliath is near unplayable due to Sunny’s booster, because Sunny’s booster combined with reload harpoon makes it completely impossible for Goliath to get away, and Behemoth being bugged. Kraken seems to be the most played on PC.

Lightning strike at rank 3 cannot be dodged, unless you’ve got Sunny’s booster or perhaps Caira’s field. It can only be missed. This is terrible to play against, as it makes the player feel helpless, you have to mash boost in a direction and hope the Kraken is incompetent. All of the other monster equivalents, such as Goliath’s rock throw, Wraith’s warp blast, Behemoth’s lava bomb and fissure, all of these abilities can be dodged, but not the Kraken’s LS. Hell, in the tutorial video for Kraken it states that it’s “easy to avoid.” An easy fix to this would be stop the radius from scaling up to 3.

Kraken, simply on account of being able to fly can negate a vast amount of things the hunters can do to it, and near negate the entirety of the assault should he so choose. The new hunters aren’t kitted to fight the Kraken, that combined with Cabot’s nerf, who was the only hunter able to apply any sort of pressure on the Kraken (Not that Cabot’s nerf wasn’t needed.) In theory the trapper should be able to bring the Kraken to the ground, but in practice? No. Combat stamina means that the Kraken will never be grounded, unless he so chooses to be. It doesn’t matter how big they make the effects of harpoons, as long as he in combat he can simply spam air-burst and negate it. A solution would be to adjust the Kraken’s stamina regeneration while domed.

All-in-all Kraken doesn’t jam well with many of the game’s other pieces, and never has.


Jetpack management. Doubleboost out of the LS. Play with him and against him, that seems to handle it pretty well.


what @Garrus said. I also walk towards the kraken when LS is on me and dash under or over him. It’s hard to keep line of sight when someone makes you turn completely around. Also try waiting until the last second to dodge. It’s harder to react that way.


Jetpack management. Doubleboost out of the LS. Play with him and against him, that seems to handle it pretty well.

I have over two hundred and thirty hours. I have played with him, and I have played against him.

You cannot dodge LS at rank 3.


Your concerns aren’t unwarranted as the co founder is looking into them and changing them. just be patient, after all the mosnters are having to deal with T4 right now as well.





I agree with @Garrus,

Its actually alot easier to avoid if you know what you are doing. Lightning strike is a good way of punishing players for jetpack spamming their fuel to empty.

To avoid you can easily use terrain to your advantage, you can boost yourself in any direction with 2 bars in your jetpack.

Just because a kraken can land it on you doesn’t necessarily mean its unavoidable, it means your not dexterous enough to know what the kraken is doing, noting the location, and avoiding it.

Behemoth lava bomb is significantly easy to dodge right now because it takes around 3-4 seconds to select location and another 4 seconds to throw it feels like. Its purely not a useful example due to its horridly slow animation and piss poor accuracy


Oh god you hunters won’t be happy until the only monster that you can play as is a reaver that dies in three shots


Yes you can. Just jetpack dash under or around the Kraken. It can’t shoot it behind himself if he’s already casting it in front of himself.


LS lvl 3 is supposed to be strong, and hard to dodge. The monsters are supposed to be final bosses, enough with the “monsters op” threads.


Agreeing that it can’t be dodged if the Kraken is good at aiming. Whenever I miss a lightning bolt, I consider it an aiming failure on my part, even if it’s because the Hunter did a good jetpack dodge. You can aim it as fast as you move the mouse, and it’s pretty precise. If can you anticipate their dodge direction, there’s no reason to miss besides just not aiming well enough.

That said, I don’t know if LS should get an aiming penalty, like a maximum turn speed. It’s frustrating when my character does not aim as quickly as I can as a person. It feels like an arbitrary handicap, it turns a miss from “I messed up” into “there was absolutely no way to hit them” if they’re good at playing out the wind up.


you forgot about trapper :trapper: :cry:


This is the last time I’ll reiterate, as it’s becoming as a childish yes-no back and forth.

There is a common misconception that because LS can be dodged at rank 1 and rank 2 it can be dodged at rank 3, and it cannot. It’s rather amusing actually, people believe that you Vortex into LS, when in reality it’s the other way around, because Vortex CAN be dodged and LS at rank 3 cannot. When LS lands the hunter is stunned, and that makes landing Vortex easy, with this combo at stage 2 you can burst a hunter down in three to four seconds.

I play Kraken, and when LS misses it’s because I’ve missed, which is rare, honestly. It’s never because they’ve “dodged” me.


I’ve dodged LS 3 plenty of times. And I don’t nearly have the amount of time you played. Not that I play against shitty krakens, but its actually dodgable, simply because it’s a skillshot.


I fight against krakens frequently. I ALWAYS save energy for a dodgle on lightning strike. I have a much harder time dodging well placed vortexes to be honest.

When I play as kraken, I time my lightning strike very carefully so they cannot be avoided. I force my hunters to use their jetpacks a lot and then zap them when they are our of fuel. It doesn’t make the ability OP because they have no fuel, it just makes it situation-ally powerful.

The kraken problem I find isin the chase. I’s flight traversal is fantastic inside the bubble. And even when trying to bubble it, you need a trapper who knows what he is doing. I don’t know why Crow hunters are so infatuated with not bubbling monsters right now… Possibly just to powerlevel gobi, but it’s throwing games.

Kraken is very powerful while fleeing no matter what build you give it. mines are annoying. get too close? Vortex.

There is a common misconception that because LS can be dodged at rank 1 and rank 2 it can be dodged at rank 3, and it cannot.

As far as LS L3… Even if you do not “dodge” it, the damage it performs dwindles by how far away you are from the epicenter. Any any medic worth his salt can use their healing burst ability and resolve the issue so long as it was dodged.

Level 3 monsters and abilities AREN’T SUPPOSED TO BE EASY TO DEFEAT, or even easy to dodge for that matter. This level/situation is where the MONSTER has the advantage. If he picked L3 lightning, he’s sacrificed other abilities that he no longer has at his advantage. Unlike hunters, who have ALL their abilities from the beginning of the game.


The warm-up tell on LS gives one plenty of time to react.


It can be dodged but you’re likely to burn your jetpack in the process.

An issue with Kraken is that his entire kit is designed to deal damage and can be chained with reasonable accuracy from a great distance.

Most other monsters have at least one or two skills that aren’t used for direct damage.

Another issue is his autoattack that can be spammed quite easily without hindering him too much. Other monsters can easily be punished if they waste time autoattacking empty air, Kraken not so.

Kraken is also very durable since he can easily fly around and keep his distances. It is a very effective way to mitigate damage and in the current patch, trapper CCs can’t really land him (Stasis gun and nade don’t land him at all), Maggie’s traps don’t have the range to catch a Kraken flying high, and I don’t know about Griffin).

You COULD fight him in a cave, if he chooses to enter one, but caves can be avoided on most maps.

Short version : Yes, Kraken is the flying, long ranged, dps oriented monster, but he does not really pay for all these strengths (aside from having a big head :slight_smile: )


What about Aftershock? The only purposes I’ve found for it are wildlife control and trap dispersal.


In the 2.0 patch Lightning Strike has a much faster aiming travel speed and it also doesn’t slow Kraken down at all. This is why it cannot be dodged by Hunters.

Not sure if it’s a bug or an unintended change as a result of something else but it has certainly put Kraken over the top.


There is a bug that is being worked on with krakens flight speed. The same code that was involved with tranq (which no longer changes flight speed) was used on his abilities too. So his aftershock and other abilities allow him to fly much faster.

Macman had a post about it somewhere.

As far as lightning aim… I haven’t noticed it being any faster… and kraken is my favorite monster :kraken_stare: He’s just offers such a drastically different style of hunt which makes the game more diverse. I for one am glad kraken is not “more of the same” from the other ground pounders the game has.