The problem with Hunt


This post is meant to highlight, what I consider, to be Evolve’s biggest issue that could possibly be fixed. Over the past few months, I have fallen in love with this game. Evolve has to be my favorite game right now, and comes close to my favorite game of all time. I could go into great detail on why that is, but that’s not the purpose of this post. Evolve has considerable “wounds” on how it has been perceived by the community. I feel like the game has great ability to it, in that it is considerably in depth in strategy and skill.

One of the best things about the game, is that it does not hold your hand. I love that when I want to get “good” at a character or monster, even as an experienced player, it can take considerable time to get there. Beyond the first tutorial, which to me is as much as you should need, you are on your own when learning the character. This community is brilliant at helping new players, because any experienced player will know that when playing with newer players, the only way to win the match is by conveying all they know about said character, to the new player. But other than those few things, you are left to learn from your own experiences. So I feel like that a lot of newer players want to quit right off the bat, from the game being as hard as it is. Because unless you have experience, you’re gonna be bad. However, this scar has is both disgusting and beautiful in a way. The game wouldn’t be the diamond if it weren’t this way. But the community is limited to people who are willing to stick to playing. Which to me is the reason most of us spend so much time in Que.

But something I really think Turtle Rock could change to make the Hunt Que better, unlike other problems that are just apart of the game being so good and different. Is to make it so that when determining ranks jump into Hunt, they will know what they are doing. So that what should be their ranked system, doesn’t turn into a cesspool of people who cant get out of bronze. They can’t get out of bronze, because every new player likes to jump straight into hunt. Even though Turtle Rock specifically says it is the ranked mode, and should not be played with out practice. People do it anyways. So when I hear a lot of DRs(Determining Rank), that I get qued with in hunt, say they just bought the game yesterday. I urge them to try and play a lot of quick play before trying to play hunt. It will help them in the long run. However, it will also help a lot of the more experienced community.

What I mean by that, (this is me giving my own experience here, and what I see from other experienced players) is that we in hunt, get qued with maybe two DRs, against a reasonable monster, and we lose points for it. This dilutes and defeats the whole purpose of ranked play. Ranked should be there to match you with players who are on the same play level as you. Just, I find that a lot of the time, unless it is beyond bronze destroyer, it may not actually represent the player’s true ability. It then more over represents the inability of other players you were placed with. But how might we come to fixing this problem?

Now in my experience of online gaming and ranked play. I like to pull from the mobas I’ve played in my time. Smite for example, you could not play their ranked system, until you reached a certain level. Level was determined more over by time played, than skill; just like Evolve. So an idea to make the ranked play less diluted over time, is by implicating a threshold level of time played through levels. So that players have a better idea of how to play evolve. I don’t doubt that Turtle Rock considered this, and I think that they didn’t want to limit their main play mode, which is the hunt mode, to only experienced players. Not to say that quick play isn’t good practice, minus defend. Just that most players might want to play the hunt mode more than any other.

Another thing is, that it hasn’t been too terribly long sense the 2.0 update, and there is time needed to allow for the ranks to settle. Perhaps their current course of action is correct. But to me, I feel like I can never really play Hunt on my own as a Bronze Destroyer, with reliable friends as my teammates. In fear of loss of all of the points I have tried to regather from the last time I attempted to play Hunt on my own. Where I was actually silver skilled, about 30 points into it. I lost all of them due to being qued with DRs and bronze elites, who were simply in experienced.

So I don’t know, I would really like to hear what the rest of the community thinks about it. I would even like to hear it from turtle rock’s perspective, because I understand they need to gather a player base after unreasonable judgments from the general populous. I don’t doubt they are doing everything in their power. The worst thing would to see this game lose the hype and money it deserves.


So can you make a basic summary of what you said? I’m just too lazy to read :stuck_out_tongue:


I seriously love this idea! I’ve been thinking about this, too, and that might be a really good way to help. I know if I jumped into a game and what happens in Quickplay happened to me but in a totally different way, I’d drop mulitplayer for a while. It’s just not fair.
So, having a certain skill level would be a very good way to help this. How do you suppose this works, though? Just “You have to be ‘x’ level to enter” or would it be “You need x amount of time played?”


I’d say around level 30 would be a good amount of time, that has to be about 70 hours I think.


lvl 30? I got Val (my only player) elit at, like, 20 something. I think lowering that bar a bit to the ten-esc range would be OK.


Yeah I got my first elite at around there too. But I don’t think I got a well grasp on everything else till around level 27. But I like 20 because it allows the fast learners to join early, not too constricting. It’s a good idea.


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