The problem with content in Evolve


Now before you start writing the death messages, I fucking love this game. 700 hours on legacy and 200 already on stage 2. However as we’ve seen already the player base is dwindling and for a dumb reason.

TRS devs are unfortunately making things people really just don’t want and alluding them to think the things they do want, aren’t coming (eg. Map Variants in comparison to New Maps). And while in new maps take AGES to make as it would seem, that dosent mean they should distract themselves with things people don’t care about or simply don’t want.

Now the problem with that is you start seeing a decline in people playing, so what? Yeah longer que times but other than that nothing right? Well no as this game hasn’t and still does not make profit, outside people buying founders edition. And by the time they introduce micro transactions, most people who were impatient gone, and so they only have a small pool of possible people to earn money off.

The thing with that is 2K needs return on investment and if the development cost are too high and their not making enough money back, that faithful bunch will most liking have content no longer coming to evolve.

Probably a bit drastic that’s just my two sense, again. I think it’s time the devs focus more on what people want than the direction they want the game to go, not that I care, I like any content!


I entered here in hopes that I could troll and say some gitgud stuff but honestly man you deserve a beer. You are right. Preach.


Absolutely. The new content is S2 is well below TRS’ old standard, they are desperate gimmicks to try to get players playing. It’s not working. Drop the power rangers, drop the ebin meme maps, and just make evolve. But, like, quickly.


^ speaks the truth


Maps are made primarily by two guys, everything else is made by everyone else. Why may these map guys have been working on the small parts that they’d need to fo variant maps (most things in those maps could be categorised as VFX, refactoring of map effects from Evacuation, and general game mechanics/balancing)? Maybe because there is a break in their own schedule because they have been working on a Legacy map and in between testing could work on some variant stuff?

The fact is you/we don’t know what the inner workings of TRS are and what their precise schedules are. What we do know though, very clearly, is that making “other stuff” very rarely impacts on specific work such as making new maps.

ALSO: Let’s please consider that while we often see people coming in here saying “What Evolve needs is X”, the “X” varies wildly. Yes, you and your friends and people you resonate with want maps. You know what other people have been asking for in Evolve since the dawn of time? A campaign mode, of which Deepest Dark is the first steps.

So are we supposed to neglect the people that have demanded a campaign mode to cater for those asking for maps (if there is even any reason the two can’t be developed alongside each other) or vice versa?

Please understand that this community is diverse and this stuff that you believe people “don’t care about” is actually stuff that a different segment of this community TOTALLY cares about, and that’s why TRS are putting time to that as well. :slight_smile:


Now THIS is the guy who speaks the truth.


just gives us THE DAM and ill be forever happy.


I m the guy who speaks truth:Advanced AI that is used to control sonic-x speed AI in coop game also programmed those map variants.So no resources were wasted!


Sure because the long match-making queues and the lack of players support your statement. Right?

So Stage 2 was launched as Beta. Beta is not necessarily" the stage to add new features, is more like the stage to tweak, improve, correct bugs, but at this point the future of the game is defined and is not changing every 1 week. :slight_smile: … which is what I’ve been noticing with these patch logs and announcements and the try-hard campaigns. The game even changed it’s competitive mode during beta.

In one week buff this, another week nerf that in another one remove a game mode, add a game mode, focus on doing a campaign, characters! etc… That’s is not a healthy beta…


Nothing I wrote is about issues that people may have with queues and “lack of players” that they perceive, I was explaining how pretending that TRS can make things go faster than they are because there is this magical ability for everyone to reskill on the spot and suddenly start doing stuff outside their job description isn’t healthy for the discussion about what is happening with Evolve. :wink:

I think people are used to “Beta” versions of games that are basically the last build before it’s locked down before going Gold, the PR effort with a sprinkling of “Look what we changed, we listen to you!”. This Beta is about more than fixing bugs, it’s about finding what the games potential is in Free to Play, it’s about learning about what people want and don’t want. This Beta is not a Beta for the software, it’s a Beta for the business model (which involves the game changing regularly in a way that is more traditional to a true Beta)


I’m not gonna lie,sometime Evolve feel like an indie game rather than a AAA game


Dude it get ya. I like anything they make, its just FROM MY EXPERIENCE, people tend to receive it more negatively, and the fact it that in the case of deepest dark, it just one piece of the puzzle for a fully fledged campaign, thus not making too much sense. I honestly like everything so far, just want them to think of the masses so that the game dosen’t die. But thanks for the reply. (Youre right I have very little insight of game development, and this is probably flawed in many ways.)


Thanks dude, just wanted to put it out there for discussion.


I’d rather it take them a long time to make content that would be received well by everyone, rather than make something that the majority wont enjoy.


However I dont actually play with anyone that could make my opinions biast, I’m a solo player but I appreciate everything’s that’s come so far, and I just surf through the Forums, Reddit and occasionally twitter and just get the reception from there. I hope these concepts are stretched and made to be there full potential, but I just feel that they should be on the backburner in terms of the non-coop, poorly received map variants (FROM MY EXPERIENCE) until content has been released to keep the less appreciative and impatient part of the community around, so the game dosen’t die out (for the reasons I stated above).


Guinea pig master race!


How? What? Why? Who? When?


all i ask, is that if evolve is ever to die an unfavorable death… that it becomes open source…



Lets hope it dosen’t come to that.:worried:


I wonder if all that influx bulk of 51999 peak were people looking for free evolve stage 1?