The Preference system is completely broken


I’ve been privy to some of the theories floating around as to why it seems like the preference system and the randomization factor are not random at all. One of those is that people are in parties and causing the odd man out to default to monster, game after game, despite being our fifth preferred option.

This is a problem. Out of five games last night, I was the monster for 4 of them, and it’s my dead last preferred class to play. I purchased the most expensive version of this game on pre-order and I feel completely f$%#ed over. I don’t even understand what I paid all the extra money for. A magma skin? Extra characters were not unlocked, so it wasn’t that. Access to some future DLC for free?

Plain and simple, everyone can see that the players that are satisfied with the game are the minority, and you guys don’t want to die a slow death like Titanfall is/will, so fix the most glaring issue with the game: allow the player to play the class they want to play, more often.

Have a separate queue for people who are ok queuing into premade groups and player who are not. If this issue isn’t fixed like yesterday, I feel like I through away $100. And you can bet your gilded ass that I will never purchase a game with TRS or 2K on the label again.



You were likely matched up with groups of 4. Separate queues will split up the player pool which is not going to make things any better.

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it’s like people are ASKING me for these responses lately :joy:



I love the combat in this game when I am a hunter, but I have no clue how to play the monster. Unfortunately, since I play ungrouped I have to be the monster 50% of the time despite putting it as #5. This sucks, I am not having fun, and it seems to be getting worse, not better.

So yesterday, when I signed in at peak time and immediately got stuck being the monster, I just decided to play solo the rest of the evening so I could be a hunter and play one of the characters I want to play. The combat is cool and the bots are decent, so I will play solo for a while until that wears thin, and then I will give MP another shot. If it hasn’t changed, I’m probably out of here, and it will be a shame. This game is very cool except for that one huge problem.



Sure it will. Every game I queue into will make the preference system relevant.



And split the player pool which TRS is trying to avoid.



Seems like they’re trying to split the player pool into players that used to play Evolve and players that still do.

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I played for about 2 hours this morning and played my preferred Hank about twice. However, when I play with my friend in a party we rarely have to play as another choice.

The one thing that confused me the most is when there was an empty slot in the game and they put the bot as support (my #1).



Actually judging by the overall small percentage of whiny posts on this forum I would say most players are satisfied with the game. I’ve been a part of many games forums at launch, and this is one of the more positive ones.

Also Titanfall has been out for 2 years now, and I still have no problem getting games in that game, so I’m just fine if that’s a “game that was dead at launch” like so many of you claim.

Some others have answered the question to why what is happening is happening. Also, it’s been SEVEN days since launch. You guys are so ADD that you want everything and want it now, it takes time to gather, analyze, and improve on the data they are getting. It’s not something they can do in seven days. They even openly admit they are doing this, but my god like someone said, it’s THIS post again.



Sarcasm does wonders for discussion.



You apparently haven’t seen how many thousand less players the game is having daily.



Pardon the sarcasm, I meant to be clever, more than anything. And I make a valid point, which happened to be pretty clever. There aren’t going to be very many players left if they don’t address this. A LOT of people have a problem with this.



And a lot of people don’t but since I don’t complain about it, my opinion means less.



Why not allow us to completely black list one or maybe two classes? WoW does it for battlegrounds, and it works superbly. Eliminating the two options you hate the most without changing the queue too much.



A lot of people are choosing to quit the game. Their complaint is silent. We will never know 100% why they chose to quit the game, but you’d be a fool if you don’t think a healthy portion of them are due to this.



Maybe I’m lucky, but I can’t think of any recent games where people are dropping out.



And to be a little less fair, that is what Alpha and Beta testing is for. This game is a c*$& hair away from being a paid beta.



If you played with friends, the likelyhood of you being the monster is drastically reduced.

As for the rest of your post. I get that you are frustrated and upset, but the amount you paid for the game did not have any effect on how the preference system will behave. So take a step back, chill out and think about it rationally.

My experience has been the opposite, I play with my friends all the time, and we are having trouble human monsters to play against probably because of the higher levels.

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You have proof of this somewhere? Also any game is going to have a small decline from launch day/week in players. And judging by the fact these forums are more active than ever if anything the player base is growing.



Not quitting game, quitting THE game. The number of active logged in players every night has dropped by thousands.