The Predator Series movies, games, and fan creations


Talk about anything and everything about the Predator series. Talk about your favorite film,least favorite film, fav game, and your own fan creations. What is your favorite weapon used by the Predators? What is your idea for a new movie or game? I have an idea for a Predator game that is similar to Evolve. Take notes TRS. :wink:
Predator Hunting Simulator (Not real name but I can’t think of a good title)
This game is basically the Predators hunting in different game modes and different animals to hunt like Evolve. You can be a Predator and you can select a race from the regular Predator, to the Super Predator from Predators, and possibly a new species with all of them having their own pros and cons. There are different weapons from the movies and possibly new ones that can be created. You could make tribes with your friends and even clans that have unlimited members but the tribes are 5-10 player limits. In your tribes you can collect trophies from group hunts and tribe vs tribe modes. So here are the gamemode lists.

  1. Tribe Hunt: You and your tribe are grouped togeather to hunt down several animals varying from different aliens, to xenomorphs, to even groups of humans. The group of Predators have to set up traps, create distractions, and coordinate attacks against the prey. You will have to plan attacks and use the environement to your advantage.
  2. Solo Hunt: Relive the original Predator movie by hunting some animals all by your self. Much of the same as Tribe Hunt but you have to kill the prey all by your self.
  3. Hardcore Mode: You have to hunt alone but with the added difficulty of having a permanent thermal vision camera. Have fun.
    There would be a progressive system of buying weapons like the spear, plasma disc, and plasma sholder luancher. (sorry, i forgot names and too lazy to look them up) You have to heal yourself using medkits that you buy and you can even upgrade weapons and itmes to make them better. Making medkits reusable, being able to have a better quality video on your thermal vision, and making different weapons deadlier, or making them also be cloaked when you cloak.
    So what do you guys think? What are your thoughts and ideas about the game idea? What are your thoughts about the actual Predator movies and games?


Hmm. i thought concrete jungle was done pretty good. I think a more assasins creed style predator game would be the next “step”. unless you remake that RTS AVP game :).
the newest predator movie was pretty random. and I didnt think it was better or worse than the older iterations. the coolest part was when the predator accepted the challenge against the guy with the sword. helped give them character which is so hard to do in the movies.

For your game idea I think keeping the game to the lore is the best idea. So basically you must go through the academy, become a young blood (wrist blades only) can only go on predator controlled xenomorph environments (usually no queen) that MUST be accompanied by a blooded warrior to supervise. then go up the heirarchy from there. good example is avp requiem. that hunter was given that mission to clear the remains of the crash on earth. notice he came well equipped and ready to exterminate. He was well experienced if you saw his wall of fame. Also some missions would be weapon challenges. In the books legends of 6 wristblade only wielding predators killed a queen. stuff like that will get you noriety.

Just my thoughts :slight_smile:


Cool in concept. I suggest reading up more on the lore of how predators work. You can start out as a Yautja (Basically a trainee) under the direction of a ‘Bloodied’ or ‘Elder’. Bloodied is a Yautja that has proven himself to be able to hunt alone without screwing everything up. Note, that in Predator 2, the Predator was a Yautja, all the other Predators were also Yautja and watching him prove himself. The Elder at the end that gives Danny Glover the pistol. was an Elder. Elders typically watch and supervise large training exercises.

The females are the ruling class which is why you don’t really see the females. They are bigger and stronger than the males under their Matriarchal society. The predator in the first Predator move, was a bloodied and was hunting humans. According to the mythos, humans are called ‘Soft Mean’ and are considered to be very honorable in hunting, however, it is also VERY frowned upon by engaging them when you are a Yautja, or without permission. Sort of like an endangered species, but most likely because they don’t want their pray to get their tech, hence the Self Destruct bracers.

Instead of the Super Predators from the movie Predators, you could choose a specialization class. Scout, Warrior, Vanguard etc… Each with different weapon loadouts. You would get scored/xp/money based on the weapon(s) used to take down prey. In general, they rarely used ranged weapons because it’s not very honorable. That is why the Predators tend to use their claws or Combi Stick (The long staff in the second movie). Using ranged weapons could even give you a penalty of score/xp/money if used against innocent/defenseless creatures or in a situation that doesn’t warrant it. (Similar to the score system used in the Jaquar’s AvP game.

You could rank up once you hit a certain threshold and then be invited for better hunt options. Similar to Monster Hunter, you could find stronger and stronger bounties/hunts when you reach higher ranks. Some are ‘soloable’ and some are ‘large groups’ only.


That would be an excellent game, that is different than mine. Would you please flesh out your idea more? I’m intrested. My game idea is more of a hunter game like Evolve but following the Predator weapons and rules. It would also take place on the planet/ continent where Predators takes place. Maybe different planets with different climates. Tropical, Taiga, Polar, etc.


I thought my idea was what you were talking about to be honest :wink: You would start out as a Yautja and have access to certain maps/planets/hunts. The tutorial would take you through a few solo/combined hunts to introduce the mechanics and how the hunt system works. The end of the tutorial would have you promoted to Young Blood and that rank opens up more planets/maps/hunts. You would then choose either a bounty/mission/level and get scored based on the weapons you bring, the time to hunt and kill the prey, and how well you hunted. Maybe bonus points for flawless, not being spotted, etc…

You would then get multipliers for following the rules of engagement. No hunting what you aren’t supposed to, only hunting deadly species etc… Eventually you rank up more and get even more available missions with some ‘Super Team’ missions requiring a large group of players. Such as bringing in a Xenomorph Queen. Maybe a recruit a friend program could have you (At the appropriate rank) and then ‘teaching’ other new players and you would induct them into your clan with your mark.


Read above lol…@maddcow went deeper into the lore. I tried to keep mine short lol. In game sense it almost sounds like a normal rpg with SIMS/MMO elements. afterall honor is the only thing important to you. the game would appeal to people who enjoy challenges so long as they have the option to take on Boss X with guns and earn 100 honor. or they can use fists only…and earn 10000 honor(seemingly impossible). What could reallllly propel this game…either make is a specific difficulty or just the game entirely. but if you die…bye bye character. I LOVED games like rengoku.

So you can have 3 characters saved at the same time. so maybe 1 on normal. one on true hunter mode. and there will be an accessable Hall of fame to track ALL your Predators progresses (with RIP signs lol) but the point is to top the leaderboards by outdoing other predators. and then AI female predators select you for mating! (epic ladder resets HA)


Death by SNU SNU!


Having a hardcore ladder version would really sell it. Do I go in guns blazing and earn xp but be fairly safe, or go in with just claws and one screwup and I die, but the rewards… the honor would be worth it. Cool idea.


Time to go on kickstarter! (* ^ *)


If it ever becomes big enough to actually do that, let me know and I’ll help offer my creative juices. I’ve helped launch a few other games on Kickstarter, both card, board, and video games.


What if you could pick different species but then have different loadout for different playstyles? You could be a regular Predator but you could have a Hidden loadout with upgraded cloak, wrist blade, and traps. Tank could be focued on the spear, plasma luancher, and armor. Etc. Also I was typing while Maddcow posted his ideas.


The thing is, that the Predators movie, added in a new element. The ‘Super Predators’ which hadn’t really been seen or mentioned before. If you do add them, they would most likely have access to higher forms of weaponry and be somewhat stronger, but at a cost that they don’t really care too much about honor. They are all about the kill instead.

Personally, I think that the ‘Super Predators’ are really just Bad Bloods. (Predators that turn against their own race)


Maybe they wouldn’t have access to traps or medkits because he is too good for those type of items. Maybe a different Predator species is smaller making it stealthier (if that is possible) and but it needs more money to upgrade its weapons. This is countered because you will most likely get a lot of honorable kills getting you a lot of money.


Idk if I was to make a game with predator…It would HAVE be an AVP game. playing off of evolve and fable:legends.
So predator would be solo or 2-3 players (over the shoulder) getting honor for better weapons. 1 player is blooded when the hunt starts and “grants” new weapons when they determine its necassary (maybe they must scout and to raise the threat level.) The more they ask for the lower score they get. sometimes resulting in zero points (if you are stomping them to the ground and you ask for say double mounted shoulder guns -.-). predators get 3 lives each.
1 player would control the aliens with a basic rts style. alot of wildlife would grant different perks for xenomorphs. predators are especially wanted. but must be dead or they will be infected and still fight (avp reference). The aliens fight under one mind. the queens, hence the rts.

however if we wanted to we could try this if possible. 1 xeno starts on the map. and after choosing a spot to become queen. produces facehuggars that “spawns” your teammates. I believe natural selection had a commander type thing. then she assists on giving orders by screen jumping to see through the eyes of her kin. she awards chosen players with special face huggers with special evolutions.

lastly your COD hordes would play fps humans. about 6-10. evolve/l4d coop style trying to survive this situation. they get 10 lives each (I want it lower but facehuggers are FAST)

The aliens would start on the map first. then the humans, then the predators are notified of the situation and warp in.
target gameplay would be around 30-40 minutes. maybe not. not sure haha. Id have to play it to test what feels good vs dragged out.


That could work. I don’t know if I would call it species choice as opposed to class or role. Species denotes another race or severely different in nature. So far, Predators is the only source for a supposed Super Predator, but all of that is inferred and not explained. They could just be rebellious youths, similar to a gang as opposed to another set species. Good ideas though, keep the creative juice flowing.


Is this what you are talking about?