The Predator as a playable monster! Yay or nay?


I think he would be so bad ass it’s not even funny. He woudln’t grow in size of course. But by stage three his shoulder canon could maybe tear a hole in the chest of a hunter. Just putting it out there.

What do you guys think?


Definitely a big fan of the Predator character always that it was such a cool monster. However I don’t think he would fit into the Evolve game. I hope they make another AvP though I loved that game, and I love everything about Predators. :slight_smile:


Tentatively yay. It shouldn’t be a direct copy but the ability to stealth and the general repulsiveness of its appearance are pretty cool. Whether or not the monster should be technologically advanced would be up to the writers, I’m not sure that aspect would fit. I wouldn’t make the ranged attack too powerful either.

Seeing the entire game with a different vision effect (I think pure infra-red is too much) could be kind of cool as well.


Doubt he would fit in this game, but he could make a cool Hunter type maybe… But then again if they used him the studio would get sued, so it really would not work. :wink:


Nah. It takes them a long time to develop a single monster and I’m sure they would much rather spend that time with their original ideas instead of using someone elses.


Imo, no. The monsters are “monsters” not sentient alien hunters. This game gives off a very “Man vs Nature” feel and I feel like the monsters are all going to be primal and savage. Something that can’t be reasoned with and is instinct driven but also still remaining clever. Basically more like “Alien” is an animal and a perfect killer but it’s not sentient with a culture like Predator is.

If Predator were to be in game, I would rather it be first contact with an alien hunter and it would be on the hunter’s team to help hunt down such large prey.


I love all the Predator films (with the exception of AvP: Teens save the Day, Who would’ve Thunk It?), and I loved playing as one in Aliens versus Predator on Xbox 360. The stealth gameplay, the hard hitting abilities and gory kills made my love of the title character all the better. However having an actual one in Evolve I’m not so sure about. I adore the aesthetics like the helms, the nuclear Pip-Boy, the fishnets (ooh-er!), the blood colour, voice tomfoolery and the various weapons the Pred has, but how they’d work in Evolve I’ve no idea. I’d have to see more on how the monsters function before telling TRS to buy the rights and make a dozen predator monster thingies!


We know that the future monsters will be fairly large and very animal in nature. There is a big call for a stealth monster (particularly as warrior and mage have been covered). I would not be surprised if some such thing happened!

The best speculation thread so far is here: Third Monster Deduced! (As much as I can ^_^)

There are great ideas all the way through the discussion. We will probably get some confirmation during PAX at the end of August, but this is just speculation as well.


Yeah I agree with @FrontlinerDelta.
I’ve said in a few topics before, it’d be alright to have influences from movie monsters (Goliath-Kong and Godzilla), but it just wouldn’t work to have them in game. Seeing monsters outside of the Evolve universe breaks immersion.


i dont want to see any copy of existing monster in this game.
its called evolve and not copied or cloned. for sure it can evolve to some copy and clone content but i would not even spend a penny on such dlc content.

evolve has such a great and unique design, it can only be harmed by copy&paste monsters/hunters from movies and other games. within dc universe we have already a game where existing super and anti heroes can fight each other. why should evolve do this too?


I wouldn’t mind a technologically advanced monster-alien.

Make them a slow growing sorta elve-like giant race and have it be the one in this sector, and you could have an interesting play between technologically based powers, and their own sorta natural features as a giant alien.


The Predators, the universes greatest species of hunters, with a an arsenal of badass and efficient weapons, the monster?

I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want a Predator as a hunter instead?

Asking for a Predator as a monster is like asking for Godzilla as a hunter.


Maybe if they did him right i be ok with him being in the game, kind of hard to say i didn’t really care for him when he was in CoD ghost, but i could see them doing him justice


I agree. Predator as a monster makes way less sense than having him as a hunter.

I can’t see a Predator hunting herbivores for ‘meat’ to stage up. I also can’t picture him living through 30+ seconds of mini gun/sniper rifle shots, etc… As a hunter he might be cool in the role of a trapper. (With self cloak/stealth) He seems to have plenty of toys with which to trap/hunt with. I don’t see him likely for a medic or assault role. Maybe support, but really think he is more of a trapper of sorts with a possible Net Gun. His Plasma Cannon would be high burst dmg but relatively long CD between salvos or shots.