The Power Roses


Attention Forum:

We are the Power Roses, we are the protectors of this mighty forum and we are here to stay!

@MidnightRoses is our mighty leader, the blue rose
@Shin is the dark Knight of our mighty crew: the Black Rose
@Quirkly is the powerful and fabulous Pink Rose
And I @XkrSkorpion am the voice of the group: The Red Rose

We are not here to rule over you but to protect all the jimmies from being rustled!!

We are currently taking in new recruits to fill in the remaining color roses but limited spots remain.
Post below expressing your interest to join the Power Roses today



…Nobody told me we were making a CULT, Skorpion…


Uh oh, prepare to face the wraith… of MidnightZilla.


Can I get Purple? :grinning:


Lol im on the phone edit this thread to your pleasing?


You know I’m not sure how I feel about this…

I used to be unique.


All of us are unique, a blue rose in the middle of a rainbow of roses is still the only blue rose.


it has been created!!!


Who did it? Who?


@rcsrex is the amazing man/woman? behind this!


@rcsrex THANK YOU, you are the most amazing talented kind awesome swagaliciously epic person EVER!


He is welcome in the power roses ^.^


Yiyah, power roses ;p


Go go Power Roses! To the Zords!


Ah hell to it, i want in :stuck_out_tongue:


Then welcome to the Power Roses, White Rose.


White roses aren’t bad looking either. ^.-


I have no clue what was in my brain when i wrote that, oh well, good bye dune beetle image, was good having ya.


So no purple rose for me? :confused: