The power of the tracking dart

Just had my best game as Abe as far as tracking the monster; was going against Wraith on Fusion Plant…long story short, had the monster tracked the entire match; didn’t evolve to stage two until there was 45 seconds left on the game ends timer where he then ran off and didn’t make it back in time to even fight.

Yup, definitely a Wraith match.


So true. In hunt when the time runs out who wins? Or is it like arena where it ends in a draw? Only this time it was a waste of 30+ minutes.

Hunters win.

That doesn’t seen right considering their objective was to track and KILL the monster. But that’s a lot better than a 30 minute draw.

I would assume that if neither of the sides kill each other then they say the monster fled the area

I guess at one point they made it so there was no time limit. Problem is, Monster can spend all the time in the world getting to Stage 3, then hopping in with full armor, get one down, and hop out. Armor up, rinse and repeat. Timer means Monster has to actually engage. Longer engagements, more excitement and damage on both sides.

You can actually win and lose despite both sides not dying (strikes don’t seem to alter this though). I’ve had a few games (that I caught on video( where both sides didn’t die and won and lost them. Still trying to figure out how that is determined though so I can exploit it against run away monsters in arena.

If you’re talking about arena it is based on the previous rounds outcome

Perhaps…I\ll upload the videos tomorrow.

I’ve made it my goal in pubs to fight at every stage now, 1, 2, and 3. However I know this strategy would never work in competative but I don’t have a comp, team so that’s all good. Most of the time I get a down or two and run off or I get the entire team down, then I run, stage up, rinse and repeat. Other times I can’t get a down and get away with no to minimal health loss and other times I limp away with my tail between my legs. Most of the time though it’s the first or second, I feel though that despite trying to make the game fun by fighting at every stage I ruin the fun by basically ending it in the first 3 or so minutes…

It he timer works because the hunters are defending the relay. It’s not because the monster fled, it’s that the relay managed to do whatever it was doing in time.

Yeah we weren’t defending though, chased it the entire time and he was forced to evolve to stage two…didn’t even make it to stage 3. Kept the pressure on and the darts in for the entire match.

The monsters objective is to destroy the relay. Hunters have to protect it. Therefore, it does make sense.

Oh this got revifified.

It was me. I saved it. I’m a great medic.

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