The pounce mechanic is fine


It’s like all hunter only players complain about the pounce. They say it gives the monster an easy win and you don’t deserve the win if you take the easy way like that but if I am able to kill or down 3 hunters and the fourth one is close enough for me to pounce him or her then who’s fault is that? Smart hunters don’t wait till the last second to run. Also what’s this about being fair and giving the last hunter a fighting chance? You had your fighting chance when there was 4 of you alive and you expect it to be fair when it’s a 1v1? I may not like how when the only hunter left cloaks and gets away but if he or she was smart enough to do so then I got outplayed and I gotta deal with it. So in my opinion same goes for the pounce.


Speaking from both sides of the spectrum, i think you shouldnt be able to pounce if im getting shot in the face/shooting you in the face ^-^
Kinda kills the feeling you know?
I vote that if monsters get shot you have to stand up so
A. Hunters can keep the pouncers at bay at the risk of being smashed to smithereens, sort of creates a last stand feeling, something i think would be both cool and appease this “last chance” lust hunters have
B. If they try running, then you can pounce them and itll be fair, they turned their back to you right?
Just my thoughts ^-^


Pretty much this.


that is already happening.


No it isnt, theyre adding a cooldown to negate the pounce spamming, pounce is still perfectly usable as a finisher


if you are shooting a monster in the face, you will cancel his pounce. With the 2 second cooldown addition you can easily stop any pounce.


No, if you can’t close out a game 1 v 1 with normal attacks then you don’t deserve to win. I say that as a monster player, I play against @Slewey’s team all the time and I never have to close out games with a pounce. It’s a crutch.


Not all the time, half the time ill be shooting a monster in the face with a flamethrower and i get pounced


impossibru my friend.


Except it happens.
A lot.


bug report it then.


Its not a bug, its just a monster spamming pounce so much that it breaks through the fire rate of flamethrower


which is, again, impossibru. Unless it’s a bug.


From what I read the Stealth pounce cooldown is only around 2 seconds.


Try it, put yourself into solo match as monster, place assault as hyde, kill all his teammates, then spam the shiz outta pounce at him, you’ll break through eventually


6 seconds if i remember correctly


that just tells me bots don’t always shoot…which is the case


Wat? Lol assault bots never stop shooting, theyre ravenous


I like the attempt at it but I feel it either needs a much longer cooldown or the monster simply can’t pounce while getting shot. Either way i’d be fine with.


Same, especially Kraken, Kraken…Krakens pounce gives me nightmares ;-;