The point system

For the most part, I really, really liked the hunt 2.0 update. But seriously, the amount of points earned for a win vs the number for a loss are horrendously skewed. I win ten matches for example as a monster, and for each one, I get a measly single point per win. But with a single loss, I lose 52? I mean…really?


I beat a Gold Skilled Monster yesterday with all Silver Hunter squad and we got 3 points ._.

I beat a 1GS. 2SM 1SE and got 33p :wink:

I was a Silver Elite Monster and beat a 1GD, 1GS, 1SD, and 1SElite. Got only 31 points :confused:

The next game I played a bunch of determining ranked and got 20 points?

Where’s the logic?

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Another, single, point. Urge to maim is rising

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