The Planet Scanner Crysis

I see monsters complain about this all the time. Even hunters. They say “It takes the fun outta evolve, or its too op”. Tbh, would you spend nearly fifteen minutes as a hunter trying to look for a probably 20 ft smaller or bigger creature like an Easter egg hunt? Well I guess it is a bit OP, but not by much. How to balance it out is simple: take out the monster is in dome range highlight, and make it so only the trapper has ability to dome the monster. It’s that simple.

Sign the petition at Change. Org and type in evolve to give Trs the rights to evolve back!

So you mean play Legacy then?

So two things.

  1. Yeah it’s annoying but like many things it has Pros and Cons. Takes away the fun of the Hunt but makes more fights happen and is an overall easier experience when everyone can trap the Monster instead of waiting for little Timmy to catch up and miss the dome.

  2. aint gonna change a thing for Evolve. TRS is doing something else. 2K are jerks. Simple as that. So you can stop tossing that around. Not being a dick, just being honest.

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The planet scanner changed almost nothing for how the game was played at a high level. High level players basically knew where the monster was 90% of the time anyways. The scanner was typically used for the trapper to get a speed boost, more than it was to keep tabs on the monster.

2, theres nothing unbalanced about the scanner IMO. The game, as a whole, is balanced under the notion that the hunters WILL catch up to, dome, and fight the monster multiple times. If monsters dont enjoy fighting hunters over the course of a game- and only enjoy “whee im stage 3 lets attack the relay!”, this probably wasnt the game for them in the first place.

This was largely a game about dynamic and diverse combat- that was meant to be fun to participate in. Its a shame that so many found this core aspect of the game so unfun.


I think the trapper changes in Stage 2 made Evolve more enjoyable to play. Less skill required? Perhaps, but I’d say it makes the game less frustrating and easier to play with randoms / newbs.

The fighting was the good part for me, not the chase.

'fraid to say you’re preaching to the wrong crowd here. We already have, and nothing came of it.


I actually didn’t mind the Planet Scanner, gave you the opprotunity to develop some sick juking skills as a monster



Once they hit the planet scanner, walk one way, then once the effect works off, go the other way, if possible using traversals. Might not always work against highly coordinated teams, but tbh, are those still around?


Actually that’s a good question. Are there any good comp teams still playing?


Rare- but theres a few.

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