The "picture" glitch


Okay so i have been playing evolve like everyday and there have been no bugs. but today i have found that one certain glitch makes the game literally unplayable. it happens to me as monster and hunter and what it does is. every time i shoot,attack,feed,jetpack,etc. it freezes for like 10 seconds as if it was taking a picture. So far it has only happened on evacuation for me(but it might happen on hunt also since i have not played hunt yet). i’m not sure if its just my xbox or are other people getting this game breaking glitch? please help me :cold_sweat:


Never had that issue, and I don’t believe I’ve seen it reported yet.


hmm it really screws up the game BIG TIME. mostly because i cant tell if im actually killing the monster or if im just shooting into space. btw it also make people tp all over the map