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Do sea monkeys count?


Meet Luppy (pronounced as Loopy >.<), Name is quite a story O.o

(Yes, He is in the toilet...)

Rosy, please keep away ^^


Tell us the story, you can't just drop that in there and refrain from explanations!


Yeah yeah! I want to hear the story as well.

Also, Sledge, you might want to put a spoiler over the pic to protect midnight.



When my Dad got the rabbit. I saw it first. So I believed that I had the right to name him.
So, the name I got him was "Crispy" sunglasses ...
My two brothers wanted to call him Luna (we though it was a girl at the time scream).
Then my mother (being a kind person), decided to call him

Lu (Luna) + ppy (Crispy)

Even though it's pronounced as Loopy.

(Quite a boring story, but you asked for it >.<)


I'll be honest, I have no idea how to add the spoilers. Tagging @Plaff


(spoiler) 'body of text/image' (/spoiler)

Change the curved brackets to square brackets smiley


Thank you, Plaff...I think I got it!...maybe...


Say hello to Jimbles, newest member of the family, along with Butts, proud and rather tired first time Mom smile

Blurry photo is blurry, little dude still getting a hang of those legs ^.^


Another photo of my dog, took this today during our walk in the park:


So surprising that this is the Dark Lord's dog. smile


I expected a snake snake
Btw, cute dog! blush


His eyes are so deep...


Meet Tobi, my roommate and a constant threat to my existence



I think I died from its cuteness.


This is an animal, even I would call cute. ^.^


If it's cuteness you want, he has tonnes

But make no mistake, he is a savage bloodthirsty beast who would take kraken straight out of the air and beat it with its' own severed tentacles while the minions are forced to watch


It's adorable. ^.^



I looooooooooove iiiiiiiit!!!!!!!

That's the kind of thing that makes me happy that no one is around to see how I reacted to it.