The Pet Topic


Don't tell me you don't at least have 1 human pet. I feed this one cake, candy and burgers.

... okay, it's my roomie. What's the difference? :wink:


Using your pets to fight is illegal (dog-fighting, cock-fighting, etc.), no such rule about roomie fighting


The only rule about roomie fight don't talk about roomie fight club


Due to not having a working camera no pictures
but I have a crayfish as a pet smiley


This is my dog Midnight you'll hear him in some of my livestreams and when I'm playing.


What are his feelings about rabbits?


Hey. Hey MAgik. **** you.

@LosSalvatierras Does he hate rabbits? smiley


He barks at anything that moves so I guess so lol


Then tell him he's a wonderful animal. ^.^


Wait, why is it bad for me to say but fine for you?


Because I'm me.


That's racist


I let my 2 pigs run around freely today so they could dry out from their damp pen and left them alone for a while...and then I had to chase them down off my neighbor's property a couple acres away...those wily pigs! They wanted to roll around in the newly formed ponds and mud created from all the rain! Naughty pig2


It's been ages since I posted here but I couldn't resist showing my two little monsters!

Wicksy (the white ferret) and Gus (the brown dude). Both rescue ferrets living with me in London, UK.


Oh and how can I forget my Victor smiley An African House snake

he's a chilled dude ^^


Aris says hi

Odin says bring me more hands


                                     charlie oswald gus



My two happy pig2 pig2
Big Juicy:


Both are quite mega porkers, lol, but very lovely and friendly! They love belly scratches and all things food.


It's no wonder they give you trouble...


My precious old chihuahua Nora. She's a bit cranky in her old age.

This one is my current favorite smiley