The Pet Topic


I’m tempted to do something like this


She’s more so apathetic than anything else at this point.


Ok. So he’s finally home and we’re ecstatic. He’s an amazing puppy so far. We went with Sammy as his name.


I tries to do something like this with Mugsy in order for her to sign bookplates to insert into copies of my children’s book…it was not an easy thing!


Here’s the puppy belonging to one of the dance teachers at my studio

He is the size of my foot


you must have a pretty big foot, then.


Ooh, a pet topic! Well then, here are pictures of the fluffiest in the house, my cat Willow:



Nah, my feet are 1 ft long


oh, I thought you were saying the dog was big :wink:


This is my cat Luna when she was just a baby :heart:


I’m reviving this thread because I love the picture I took of my Tali during my lunch break! I just have to share it :heart_eyes:


As in Tali’zorah?


Yeah! Her AKC registered name is Tali’Zorah vas Goldenrod :laughing:


That. Is. Amazing!


@TheMountainThatRoars @snowkissed you guys already had this discussion before. Also, she’s grown a good amount since last November.


Unless we learn from the past, we are doomed to repeat it.


Thread Necro!

I got a new puppy & I forgot to mention it.
@m3teeh brought her into my life & it was love!

Her name is Luna. Like Luna Lovegood. :heart:


9/10, h*cking good dog


That face is so adorbs! Totally ear emote.


Never said anything, but that’s one great pupper you have there! Plus Luna was the best character.