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Shrimp 1 - O-Ren Shrimpi
Shrimp 2 - Shrimpnita Greene
Shrimp 3 - Budd
Shrimp 4 - Ellie Shrimper

2 down, 2 to go!


Senpai is just trying to get you to notice him. :smile:

Either name is pretty cool though. Senpai is just funnier though.


Uh oh…I feel some really strange artwork coming on…somebody stop me…


waits patiently for awesome artwork


This is my dog

There are rumors going around, that he is possessed by Satan when sleeping

I don’t trust them




Not gonna hijack the thread! But If you wanna see, come stop by and bookmark my Patreon page…I think I will keep working on strange Betta/Kill Bill cards. I currently post all art open to the public for viewing, don’t need to become a patron.


Did someone say pets?!?!

Here’s my new puppy, Sophie the Shih Tzu, at two months. (She’s four months now!)
I previously owned a pitbull (my bby, rip), and I also have two cats.


…She’s so cute. ~Awwws externally.~


would be funny if someone named him sun Tzu.


This is Farley, he turned 9-years-old back in November. He used to be fat and funny looking, so he was named after Chris Farley. But then as he got older he got tall for a Jack Russell and thinned out.

My brother just got a puppy a few weeks ago to bring down to Iowa State with him, registered as an “Emotional Support” animal lol

His name is Otis. After the elevator company; my brother is a civil engineer major.


Photobomb tho.
Smudge says hi :3

Autumn still hasn’t grown out of her “Bug mommy” phase.


As I posted a few weeks ago we just lost our 13 year old Italian Greyhound.

We are in the process of getting a new puppy. He should be home tomorrow night.

We need help with names. We have a short list of names. If you guys have any suggestions for names it would be a huge help lol.


Maybe you guys could help me out. Here he is, he’s a beagle/King Charles Cavalier Spaniel


Because he’s so freaking cute I just want to eat him up!

And it’ll be funny when you have to scream at your dog because he isn’t listening lol


Just a puppy, already planning to scream at him… ^.-


Argh. All these cute puppies and kittens. Urge to adopt one rising…


Or steal one them >_>



A bed of cats! =^_^=


This is my pup, Bubbles.

(She really fucking hates me sometimes)


Oh my, she’s quite angry xD