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She is called Poutine :3

fyi I have like 5x more plushies now


Welcomed a new member to my family this week…who currently has no name…much sadness. Can’t seem to pick a good one.


I named mine Lance, since he was red too. XP

Nice tank, by the way! It’s a very good size.


F…FFFFFIIIIIISH! I have some pet fish at home.
…Only goldfish, but back in England those two were my babies.

They are huge now, this picture is back from when I first got them, so, naturally, they have a bigger tank than the one above ;W;

I love fishies.


I was planning on buying a white Betta and name him Pai Mei after Kill Bill, which served as inspiration to my samurai betta art card series I’ve been working on, but when I saw this double-tail I really loved him and how he changes color in various positions. Sometimes he has iridescent green hues that fade into the red and sometimes purple. Been leaning on possibly calling him Koi Koi but unsure, since I have that stuck in my head from looking up Hanafuda cards!

I bought a Fluval Spec 3 which is a 2.6 gallon tank, the back of which has a partition where the filter and heater are kept so you won’t see that in the main tank body. They are real elegant-looking tanks and just the right size. This is also the first time I planted a tank too! Normally I always chickened out with silk plants but when I looked up the Fluval tanks I saw all these people “aqua-scaping” and it looks so artsy and fantastic I had to give it a go! This is a pretty weak first attempt but in the future I may work on it. I have java moss on the driftwood, an anubias with 3 big leaves on the left, a kinda raggy marimo moss ball, and all around jungly looking Water Sprite. I also had 4 red cherry shrimp in the tank but he is hunting them so they may not last. Found one dead last night. The gravel is Fluval Stratum for shrimp and plants which helps to lower my water PH which normally runs into the 8.5 range. The gravel is soft kinda like dirt. Real nice though.


I have a very hard time with Bettas…and don’t get me started on goldfish! They are some of the hardest fish of all to raise unless they are the feeder kind, lol! When I was a kid I won a fish from a ping-pong ball throwing contest at school and it lived in a 1 gallon unfiltered tank for 12 years! Now I know better but that boggles my mind! He only got 100% water changes ONCE a week! That’s insane! Later in my teen years I got a 20 gallon tank and tried fancy goldfish several times, but always failed. Could never keep them alive more than a few months with proper filtration and even water changes (not always done religiously though)!

I plan to work very hard with my Betta. My Betta problems I believe stemmed mostly from water temps. not being stable enough. I have a decent heater now compared to all the ones I used in the past which were cheap and broke down or couldn’t keep stable…but even so it’s pegged and can only keep 78 degrees. It just can’t compete with Illinois winters and I’m shocked since most people use them in 5 gallon tanks and say it overheats their fish and is too powerful for a 25 watt. I was planning to get a 50 watt (most people say even 25 watt should be overkill) until I found a perfect Neo-Therm heater on Amazon but I have to save a bit for it since it’s $50! The one I have now was $20, a Hydor 25 watt.


Wait, you didn’t give their names!




OMG!!! Did you steal my dog?? It looks exactly like my dog Miley 0________0


Yes. This pooch is mine nao


Mine refused to eat at first. D: I had to change his food, smaller size, lol. He’s picky. Mine passed away a few years back, but he lasted a whole year. He got sick… had weird white blotches all over.

I never knew how complicated it was to take care of fish…


If I get accepted to the college I want, I’ll be able to have fish in the dorm and I like some animal company. Love fishys ^w^

I’ll be missing my dog though ;-;


Edison and Smokey :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a 2 final name choices for my Betta now. Which do you guys like better:

Shishi Odoshi (odo-shi)


Oh god…you have to.


That sounds cute! :slightly_smiling:


what a fookin weeb


Don’t be jealous of my :tropical_fish: (That is the best emote I could pick for fish).


I agree with mountain on this one. You can’t not call your fish Senpai now that you’ve added it as a choice. :smile:


In that case, Senpai killed 2 of the 4 red cherry shrimps sharing his tank! I knew this was a possibility but it was 50/50 chance he would not go for 'em and for the first week he totally ignored them, and many folks keep betta and shrimp together but…No senpai no!

I think I’ll merge the two names…Senpai Shishi-Odoshi