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That third picture! :joy:
He's so cute!


better love story then twilight


also @Plaff HOW DARE YOU!?! I'm the forum's Lazarus!


A lot of my pets died when we went to Jordan for a month. Including my Taricha granulosa, which I had spent a while even trying to find for sale. Also, planned on breeding my Green tree-frogs. I really miss them all. At least most of them are still alive


That bottom picture is adorable :smile: I don't have many of Oscar as a pup except ones I rediscovered recently. May as well post a couple here:

And then one of him as an ugly teenager, having found out that he can climb into the sink:

He's like 8 years old now. Just looking at the background of some of these pictures is making me think "oh god I remember those".


Probably due to bad and unstable water chemistry in that bowl. Just saying


I don't really care tbh. Goldfish die really early, and you know that.


They actually have long life-spans. Next time you think about getting one, unless you can make a 400$-500$ or more commitment to an animal, don't. The water needs to be cycled, which basically takes up to a month to finish, basically making sure that there's safe amounts of ammonia and such. Here's a great article on it:


I had a goldfish when I was younger that I named "Monster" ironically. One day I went into where our fish tank was and found him with another fish in his mouth. It was kind of traumatizing, I didn't realize Goldfish could be vicious.

This is my furbaby now, though:

She's named Tali, after Tali'Zorah from Mass Effect.


haz a pug named Ozzie, named after the pug from Epic : 3


That is the best name!


I am starting to wish I had more pets to post more picture of...




Edit: Giving them a bath C:


They are like…but…w-w-why?


Yes, they hate baths xD


My cat, Erma Gerd


I used to have a kitten when I was a child, but my sister wasn’t watching her carefully and she ran away. DX

I want a kitten, but my daughter is allergic to cats. She wants a dog but I’m allergic to them. D:

Such injustice.


I just had to do the hardest thing possible today. I said goodbye to my best friend today. He’s been sick for a while and today his fight is over.


So sorry to hear this, especially when I know my own dog is going to be running over the Rainbow Bridge soon.


I’m sorry to hear that. Can’t imagine how tough that must have been for you. Stay strong buddy. At least you know he’s in a better place. :cry: