The Pet Topic


No problem. Sugar gliders are cuter anyway, wouldn't want you to make s mistake.


Jimbles has grown, and his sense of adventure has become too much, even for him

I still don't know how he did it (._. )


How is that even possible?


Your guess is as good as mine


Magical goat teleporting powers?

(that is a goat right? I can't tell too well from the photo confused )


It is a goat stuck_out_tongue


wave your hands in the air like you just don't care!


I knew you lived in a farm dammit


My dog chester. I call him "gwunk" on occasion. Don't ask why.


I love cute doggies. smiley smiley smiley



  • Cats cat
  • Dogs dog
  • Both heart
  • Neither angry



Doges ftw mate.


Traitor sob


My cat, Erma Gerd


Meet my dogs Mouse and Chico, I love both of them :3

Dogs ftw, sorry for the blurry picture ;-;


Another photo of le doge:


Here are a couple of Brando, he was born deaf

And here are a couple of RJ (the first pic is when he was just a baby)


My cat stone <3 he's a mix of Persian and I think Arabian mau he does nothing but sleep and he loves belly rubs SO CUTE <3.

When he was a teenager I guess stuck_out_tongue

A fully grown man


Yay! My dog gave birth and now I have cute puppies!! :dog:


Mhmm... ^.-
Named them yet? Keeping them? Selling them? Giving them away?