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More Lenny smiley:


Lennymort, Destroyer of balls!


It's like he's threatening someone. Staring into their eyes and saying "You see this ball? That's you in 24 hours."


Yawn >:l


So cute.


I have more!

Boyfriend snagged this one of me and the kitten after having him only 1 night and one morning ;W;


Bae caught is sleepin. heart


These are my kittys
This one is Sassy

This is mittens

A very sleepy kitty

This is both of them they are mother and daughter, Sassy is the mother and Mittens is the Daughter


Sassy doesn't look sassy... just angry.


Here's Kirby! Because he's a runt he still looks like a puppy, but he's 12 now and starting to show his age. It's sad when you realise your little guy has started to decline.


Is it ok if Sassy looks strangely demonic? And somewhat alarming?

Mittens is adorable though. smiley


I have some piranhas, but they're not really cute.. or cuddly


I must see. o.O


Where are the piranhas? O.o


when i get home ill post a picture of them, i did have 3 but one at the other. so i named him Hannibal. rather fitting if you ask me joy


it might have been the flash making the light reflecting off her eyes smiley


Hannibal Lecter is my favourite crazy person, followed by the Joker. o.O
I think Hannibal was portrayed to have Antisocial Personality Disorder.


I soooo want a flying squirrel as pet now. :smiley:

He's my favorite crazy person too!

You should watch the Hannibal show if you haven't already. You might like it. :smile:


That is a sugar glider, not a flying squirrel.


Oh, alright. xD Thanks for correcting me.