The Pet Topic


If you have any pets, here’s the place to post them. I’ll start this off with my dog, Lenny:

Kittens, Puppies, and Everything Cute~ (A generically feel-good thread)
Show off your pets!
Show me a picture of your pet! :D
Show off your pets!

Dawwww he/she’s so cute! I’ll try and nab a picture of my cat, which shouldn’t be too hard since the lazy bugger is always asleep! Not now though because he always goes out at night!


An anerythristic corn snake


Here’s mine…(left to right) Rigby, Friday, and Gobi

Gobi's origin story
Loving SlabOMeat's Dedication

Here they all are! (Above) at the far left, we have Melvin, the fluffiest and largest one. Right next to him is his brother, Sparky: The youngest, most clueless and loudest. Next to him is Elliot. (They’re all guys) He’s the oldest one. At the far bottom, we have Chester, the shy one. They’ve all been rescued. Here’s more photos to give a glimpse of their tough and complex lives.

Now, here are the animals I wish I had as pets (Below) Seal and Peacock Spider:


I pretty much love any excuse to post pictures of my cats. The top one is Starscream and the bottom one is Grimlock:


This is Minnie Mouse

And this is Dexter Morgan


This is Opal




Usually afraid of spiders, but this gif is brilliant :+1:


Are those sugar gliders? Super cute!


Yes. Yes they are :slight_smile: got three of them The white one the standard grey which is ryuu and jasper is a black beauty but his appearance is similar to ryuu’s. We just sold a breeding pair and plan to breed the White with Black beauty. I actually have 20 chickens 2 Chinese geese and 6 other dogs plus a black cat…lol Might get some flying squirrels sometime to breed too lol.


Thanks :slight_smile: They actually do some pretty cute little ‘rituals’ (they dance!)


I love sugar gliders, but I don’t think they’re legal in California :frowning:

This is my cat Isis, she’s old and she’s seen some s**t, but she’s a happy girl now. Occasionally she tries to “help” me game.


Rigby is best doggie.


My cat tries to help me game…so does the dog…but my sugar glider chases them away :slight_smile:
And you may be able to get one with a permit!


I looked into getting a sugar glider, they seem super cool as pets…I also heard they were pretty high maintenance, that true?


Lol Depends on how you look at it… I have one named Ryuu and most times he will sleep in my shirt for a 12-14 hr day and comes out when he notices it is dark hence nocturnal. Its best to get them in a pair since they are a colonizing type of animal though. If not, than switching toys and the cage around helps with keeping them entertained. If you have only one, it will need to spend time with you in some shape or form every day to every other day. Maintenance wise its one of the cheapest animals we have. We make our own food due to pellets being poisonous and we save about ten dollars in comparison. They do not require shots like most animals. Clean the cage once every two weeks or so and its good to go. If anything one thing to keep in mind is that when you first wake them up they do have to go to the bathroom…people tend to forget that no matter how cute they are they gotta go sometime. lol AND its a commitment choice they are bonding animals and live about 15 years. If your not worried about getting some scratches from them trying to climb you, than your good to go. But if you want something with similar qualities a flying squirrel has padded feet making it a better pet for children.

But they are for those willing to take care of them, not a child’s pet for sure. It’s hard to say if they’re high maintenance atleast from personal experience just because I know so much about them since I am somewhat of a breeder.


Meanwhile, at my household…

This isn’t my picture (since i hate pictures) but I have those three species and much more, mostly rescues

Oh, and we’re gona eat your babies


It was suggested by @Hellbound to start a pet thread…so, lets see your pets! I’ve posted these before but here they are again:
Dozer the pot belly pig male, almost 3 years old:

Big Juicy the pot belly pig female, almost 2 years old:

Mugsy the female pug, 11 years old:

More pics. will come soon but I want you guys to jump in and share your babies!


Here are mine: