The perfect lore-dispensing device


ok, I’ve mentioned this several times and I just wanted to put it in a topic for all to see.

if evolve gets a RvB and/or TWD-style show I will lose my mind.

here’s a nice scenario I just thought up off the top of my head.

Mason, a young miner on shear, is trapped in a cave-in when the monsters invade. after he digs himself out, with the help of his robot buddy, Blinky, he finds that his mining town, as well as all other towns, have been destroyed. the pair wander until they come across an evacuated EbonStar base. they take shelter there, and discover another group of people there, a trio. they have a short standoff, then a reluctant truce. the other people are Patches, a doctor with a reaver eye, Rush, an annoying thrill-seeking teen, and Ella, an old woman. they defend their home from monsters, wildlife, and other survivors.

TRS and @Matthew if you don’t make this a thing I will find somebody who will.

Pretty please?