The People Who Prefer Monster in Coop Vs AI

Something that has always annoyed me is people who prefer Monster while in Coop v AI. I use this as a term in my family sometimes.

Here’s a run down of what usually happens

So there are 4 people - 1 Prefers Trapper / 1 Prefers Support / 1 Prefers Medic / 1 Prefers Monster

The one who wants Monster gets switched with the one who wants Trapper

Trapper is now Support and Support is Medic while Medic is now the Assault (Now everyone’s pissed)

So just because one person wanted to be an asshole or get 25 extra keys has now screwed up everyone else

How it should work

Same as before: 1 Trapper / 1 Support / 1 Medic / 1 Monster in Coop

But Monster gets Assault and everyone else has there preferred Class

No gets swapped and the Monster gets no laughs


Change it to where if you Prefer Monster you cannot select Coop and if someone finds a cheap way to get Monster while in Coop, they get kicked out and return to the Gamemode Selection Screen

Seems fair right?

Last Night my Dad made Pizza for Me, Him and my Mother

My Sister said she will eat Tuna and had no idea of the Pizza

Supper is ready, my Sister comes out finds out there is Pizza. She wants Pizza instead of Tuna.

Now Me, my Dad and Sister now have Pizza none is left. My mom has no choice to eat something else because of the “Preferring Monster” A.K.A. my Sister


Plz Fix!


Great analogy! But I can see how that would be annoying. Can’t really comment though as I’m a legacy player. However role preference is pretty messed up there too :slight_smile:


I don’t know the details of their matchmaking & preferences system, I can’t fairly critique it.
Hopefully it doesn’t consider ‘monster’ as a good addition to a team.

A simpler solution is to your problem is if they;

  • Remove monsters from Co-op preferences (like in Hunt), or
  • Not give 25 keys to players who don’t get monster in Co-op
    Then players won’t intentionally pick monster.

Players used to complain about getting their last preferences when someone else got their first. It seems like TRS weighted it more towards trying to give all players their first or second pick, instead of singling one player out. I think it’s better this way, there have definitely been less complaints lately. If a player gets their last pick they will just leave and you would have to start over again in the lobby.

In your example, whether they picked monster or not they didn’t want Assault. You had two people who wanted trapper so the game shifted some players over to their second preference.

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Simplified in a smaller text :stuck_out_tongue:

This actually may not work because people still leave while in game which loses there winstreak… plus what’s 25 keys when people can earn three times that in one game?

Well if it were where they got there last pick and didn’t leave, the preferred Monster player gets there last pick and that last pick is someone’s first pick and then they got screwed over. It has flaws but I can see where you are coming from definitely

I haven’t found a solution for this yet honestly, only thing really is to pair up other players with different selected preferences

I think that player should still be able to pick monster as their first pick (for if they switch between co-op & hunt often), but that co-op shouldn’t detect / show any monster preference.
So if my preference list would be: Monster > Trapper > Medic > etc. it would instead read it as Trapper > Medic > etc. and show Trapper as most prefered.

Although I seriously have had it happen to me that a guy had Monster as prefered, got Assault (because it was co-op), went back to the pick class screen and after a couple of seconds left the game. (was he expecting to be the elusive “ai monster” or something?)

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Yet another great idea sucks for that guy who just randomly mixed it up :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, whole team gets pissed they didn’t get what they wanted because asshole, or asshole doesn’t get what they want… :thinking:

Most people tend to leave if this ever happens but if I think what you are saying is what you’re saying…then yes?

So just because one person wanted to be an asshole or get 25 extra keys has now screwed up everyone else

Which is odd because they could pick random to have the same effect.

Should simply make it impossible to pick monster in co-op. Period.

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I jumped into Co-op lobby a few times to see if you could get 25 keys from choosing monster, then left.

In co-op it tells you that ‘monster is disabled’, I don’t know whether or not it still affects matchmaking.

Isn’t “Coop Vs AI” for playing as 4 hunters against a monster? I mean, otherwise wouldn’t it be simpler to play a custom game if one wants to be a monster?

It’s because if you don’t get your first choice, the game tries really hard to get you your second choice, and since you can’t get monster you get your second choice.

I always saw this as a way to make sure you get the role you actually wanted.

For example, I want assault right and nothing else.

instead of

I go

Mon - A - S - T - M

that way the game tries REALLY hard to get me my second choice so, even if someone has assault preferred, you will get assault.

that’s how it’s always been used, not for keys, for a role.

And if they don’t get that role they leave and try again and usually get it.

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Pretty lame for sure… It could even be seen as an exploit.

Oh hell yeah it is.

It’s been used that way for a long time, explioting the system.

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The guy who picked Monster probably just had Trapper as his second preference. Since Monster is disregarded, that means he and the other person with Trapper preference have to listen to RNG.

dat exploit got me so many keys, but yeah monster as preference shouldn’t be a thing. as a lot of people do it for daily challenges, so it can be very annoying when people have the same challenge.

they probably just too lazy to change it over. It obviously can’t register as them getting monster so it takes the next preference.

If second choice is trapper it’s probably seeing that as first choice since monster isn’t pickable. Thus there are now two people who want trapper but one was just sneaky about it.

Maybe you or I could test this theory?

They changed it a while back so that secondary preference with first as Monster normally loses to first picks.

They reinforced first pick mechanics and made it easier to deal with “Prefers Monster” thankfully. For at least the last month in any case.

First pick > second pick now, so those with Prefers Monster get stuck in nearly “random” depending on how you set your own preferences.

Outsmart instead of OutSalt. (: