The people calling for Slims spore cloud to be nerfed are going to ruin Slim


I cannot believe people are complaining that the spore cloud makes finding the hunters too hard.


GOOD players do not have a problem with the spore cloud because good players move out of the cloud and use visual cues from the hunters abilities to keep track of the hunters.

Spore cloud is one of the most unique and fun abilities in the game and nerfing it because of casual baddies would be a damn shame.


It just got a buff


I doubt it will be nerfed. People complain, because they crutch so hard on smell; and don’t bother with their own eyes…


Clearly if people are complaining about it then it isn’t fun for everyone lol, nothing quite like being legitimately blinded due to not having a top of the line monitor ^.-
But really, it just got buffed right? Clearly it isnt that bad of a problem


No it’s not the most fun abillity as a hunter you have no feedback at all though it actually works and as a monster your eyes are so likely to dry out because you have to focus that hard. At that point of time its just a spamming ability and it has to be nerfed in that way.


He’s basically the Caira of dealing damage and a powerful utility, Val’s tranq gun ain’t got no fly poop on him. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Um,… the spore gun just got a buff actually, now they will even blind (plug noses really) Kraken’s in the air.

Chris already said they won’t be actually nerfing the spore gun, just gonna wait it out and see until we have more data. Community feedback doesn’t 100% effect how the nerfs and buffs are done. It’s a combination collected data, in house testing, competitive community feedback and lastly general feedback that’s everyone here who don’t play competitively on tourneys.

I personally think the spore gun won’t get any nerfs even though it is very spammy right now, kind of like Markov’s mines were but maybe. Just maybe a few feature change. Like bigger radius but shorter time or vice versa. A more reasonable reload or a maximum number of could seems like the reasonable thing to do/


yeah it’s not too hard to find the hunters in the spore cloud. It makes pinpointing which one is which class a little more difficutl after relying on the color of the names up till now, but not impossible.

Especially if you are familiar with the hunters. See a shield beam? The one without the bubble on them is Hank. Go get em.

See green tendrils coming from your body? Follow them to a tasty Slim.


Slim’s cloud just can’t be the most effective feature he has because he’s a medic. Right now, I think it is.


Sunny has no streak to her nuke launcher, which makes her pairing with Slim extremely frustrating for a lot of players. Don’t know if any other hunters weapon has no streak besides laz though.

This is what me and @MidnightRoses go through you know…


Except Markov’s mines did a ton of damage, and weren’t even all that “spammy” to begin with, needing to be individually placed, spread out, and armed. Unlike Markov, Slim actually needs to be doing something else that’s vitally important to the team that spore clouds don’t contribute much to - and that also negates spore clouds - damaging with the Leech Gun (with it’s bright green trail leading back to him) and HEALING, which also screams his location at the Monster. Many people are unable to adapt to change, unwilling to use their brain to develop counters, and prone to whining when things do change or they don’t get their way.


'I cannot believe people are complaining that the decoy makes finding the Wraith too hard.


GOOD players do not have a problem with the decoy because good players shoot the real one and use visual cues from the environment to keep track of the Wraith.

Decoy is one of the most unique and fun abilities in the game and nerfing it because of casual baddies would be a damn shame.’

Playing against a Slim that spams spore grenades is about as fun as playing against a pre-patch Wraith that spammed decoy. Slim’s spore cloud is in no way at all fun to play against as the monster. If we went by your logic, the Wraith wouldn’t have been touched.


Umm they were, people were prioritizing using his mines over primary in the middle of combat because of it’s high rewards low risk nature. Then there is something wrong with the character.
This was abused in both public and competitive play.


You mean there “was” since mines were changed to take longer to arm, do less damage, not do damage outside of their range, and more easily be destroyed, but you also didn’t quote the part after where I explained why they didn’t really fit the definition of spam before - they have to be individually placed & you have to place them smartly, if they are set next to each other they set each other off and the rest don’t do damage - you can’t just drop them over and over in the same spot, which would be spam - and since the patch you can’t just drop them underneath a Monster and expect them to go off, which was borderline spammable, but not quite the same thing - it’s not a catch-all term. They could be pretty easily destroyed even before, so when you attempted to do something like “spam” them under a Monster, they could be destroyed by ability splash damage before they were armed, which is even easier to do now. In any case, you can only have 5 of them in the world at a time; only Abe’s Stasis Grenades are really “spammy” - you can toss them out at will in any direction with little forethought & they arm instantly. In the same vein, Slim’s Spore Clouds can be fired very quickly and fill an area - they are pretty much spammable aside from a short delay, but this is by design.


My problem with it is again Behemoth! Its very very hard to get out of as him and you have limited utility to counter it. Esepcially as its hard to aim tongue sometimes.


If the monster wasn’t taking up a massive chunk of my view screen, then maybe monster players wouldn’t have to “crutch” on smell so much.


Thats what his bubbles are for, when you aim tounge grab your target will be covered in bubbles that almost look like the stuff when you’re evolving, almost like its a hard counter to blindness ^.-


fixed it.

Then there is something wrong with the character.

I really hate Abe for this, can’t believe they haven’t touched this.

Yeah the spore gun can be a bad spammy weapon/utility. You can easily cover the whole arena with very little effort. Abe’s grenades require you to spread them out evenly instead of spamming them to be effective, but Slim players just spam them anywhere. :laughing:


and that is why people Kraken, because getting your nose plugged by the clouds isn’t annoying enough. You have to fight your own body to be able to see what is going on in combat.


I feel like they don’t need to be so spammy but that’s just my two scents

See what i did there?


Slims damage is already the lowest of the medics even with damage amp.