The patch needs patching (Game mechanic feedback)


New patch comes out. Yay!.. Here’s some issues from a few pro players. 1 you need to increase crows stasis gun round acceleration, it’s way to slow, we get it its really strong, So lower slow duration increase the bullet speed. Sunny’s she’ll drone should be at least for 2 people, a monster can destroy the shield on the hunters in 2 skills anyways. Behemoth, remove the weak spot on his belly. Having 2 weak spots make him entirely underpowered. I have yet to lose to 1 behemoth because he’s so easy to kill with torvalds grenades creating weak spots in his giant belly. He dies to quick to even be considered a useful monster.


Also make slims spore grenade “stick” or something. At least make it to where if you hit the monster he’s affected for at least a few seconds after he leaves the area of effect


Just a question- by what standard do you call these players “pros?”


behemoth is buged hes actually taking x2 damage regardless of were you hit him also it stacks with your normal weakspots


Well then that supports my perfect thread title :smiley: the patch needs patching. And xbox 1 sn: wishkor. Ranked top 100 global. Also major warrior and ranked too 100 global. Stats don’t lie. You can see my profile elite status on all characters, with the achievements and awards to prove it. Not like you cheating noob that get all your upgrades to elite from single playing and you have 5 evacuation awards or 30 matches played total Hahah I’ve been people with all elite skins and ranked 30k plus lol.


Lol. Certainly not pros in school :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


These mean nothing. The leaderboards are known to be flawed. Hackers and cheaters everywhere. One guy had a million losses and zero distance. Yeah. I’m not doubting your credibility- but calling yourself a pro tends to affect others’ judgement of you and thereby your opinion.

…Alright then. Try not to make assumptions about others, and keep it civil and polite in here, if you would be so kind.


lol @ the fact that for once it seems this forum is agreeing that sunny is OP and needs a nerf, and yet here you are actually asking for a buff.


Sunny’s drone is fine. If it shielded more than one person at a time, she would be broken; as it is, she’s a more aggressive alternative to Hank. No, it’s not as good as his shield projector. It’s not supposed to be.

Won’t comment on Crow, as I don’t play Trapper.

Behemoth does not have two weak points. Only his gut is a weak point.


Lol sorry about that midnight just got out of a match where that happened to me :stuck_out_tongue: I was a little frustrated Ahah. But yes I do agree with you that leader boards mean nothing but surely they can be used in conjunction with other references. For example ranking on leader boards taken into account with games played game time and individual character rankings can all be used to get a perspective of a players skill. Instead of relying on just 1 number or 1 set of numbers you should compare all the numbers that are on there. I mean isn’t that why they’re recorded? Why else would they record how many times you have recieved the award for “thunderdome”?


No worries! We all get mad after bad matches.


pro players want a buff for tier 4? are we playing the same game lol.


Pub stomping doesnt make someone a “Pro” :wink:


What? Are you serious? Learn to lead your shots. I’ve had no problem with it and slowing monsters.


Post your sn and console so we can check out your gameplay stats since you seem to be doing something right that I’m doing wrong… Maybe I just play against too many pro kraken players


Behemoth has 2 wean spots. The head and the belly ninesmith


I don’t play Crow, because it’s too boring. Livestream too so you can see my Crow action there if I randomly play it.


No, he doesn’t. Only his gut is a weak point. It’s currently bugged, though, and shots which miss it are being registered as hitting.


He has 1 weak spot, belly


at least for 2 people. So you mean 2, 3 or perhaps 4 ?
Personally I recommend 4 :wink: