The Past Broadcast For Today Is Gone!?

I can’t find it anymore and any link I use just gives me this page:

Edit: The past broadcasts doesn’t have it either

Help :cry:

Just search for it through the Channel, most of the links don’t work for me either, but I can still find the footage in EvolveGame’s past broadcasts.

I tried that too though.

Check in “following” and then click “videos”

Huh, I just looked for it as well. It seems to be split in the Highlights section of Twitch.

Yeah, I think that’s what happened. They split the videos into highlights, which got rid of the whole stream as one segment.

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That kinda sucks though…

A little, but you can find things easier. It’s not really a permanent solution though, I hope it gets uploaded to youtube or something.

Yeah thanks though didn’t realize the highlights were today’s stream. I always skip over because it’s never updated.

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