The passing of David Bowie


I’m still kind of in shock. I listened to the guy for months on end as of recent, was raised on his music. At the age of 69, David Bowie has passed away, after a battle with cancer. Another music legend gone. ;_;
To think he’d released a new album 4 days ago or so. It’s insane.



An absolute legend of an artist, RIP


RIP Goblin King. :cry: Much sadness.


What??? I can’t believe it he’s gone to :sweat:



Why is it always the good people that die before I do


I’ve never heard of him really but I’m sorry RIP and at least you have many songs to listen to every day


I had no idea he was in poor health so this was just a bummer to wake up to.

An incredible artist to say the least. Goodnight sweet space Prince.


I did a double take this morning when I saw that he died. Definitely someone who’ll leave a lasting impression.


The songs he did weren’t in my taste, but I recognise he was a great artist nontheless. Can’t believe he died. May he rest on peace.


Yeah, I had no idea he was battling cancer and was shocked this morning. He didn’t even get to promote his new album properly. Lemmy, Scott and now Bowie? Christ, I hope this stops at three. Too many great artists dying lately.


Welp. Looks like I’m gonna have a Labyrinth marathon today…


Have been listening to Bowie on artist shuffle on Google Play Music all day


Just as long as it isn’t Dancing in the Streets lol. What was that about?!


#Forever will I remember him for this.


Double sadness video


Agreed, I woke up to texts from all friends warning me because he has been one of my favorite celebrities since I was tiny and obsessed with The Labyrinth.

Eventually I loved his music, but I always loved him as Jareth the Goblin King.
My friends got me a Labyrinth pillow case for Christmas, as well as a stuffed animal of The Worm from the movie :heart:



But I like the remake a bit better for MGS V.


I’ve known the words to this song since I can remember, and often find myself randomly humming or singing it under my breath. My family catches me doing it all the time lol

I think it’s funny how much I loved this movie growing up, considering it came out 3 years before I was even born.

This one is another of my favorites


“Cat People” might be my favorite song by David Bowie. That or “I’m afraid of Americans”.