The Paladin Armor - Update 2.08 - LIVE NOW!


Update 2.08 - Matchmaking, Bug Fixes, Silver Keys, Paladin Parnell and Progression.

Silver Key Earn Rate has been doubled

  • After getting a lot of feedback over the last few weeks we felt that we needed to increase the Silver Key rates for playing through a Hunt game.
    • All Silver Key earn rates during matches (Win/Loss bonus, in-game awards) have been doubled.
    • The UI on the main menu will show 2X Silver Keys once the update is live

New Medic: Paladin Parnell

Account level cap increase (+25 new levels)

  • Account progression has been increased to level 75 from level 50.
    • We’ve added perk unlocks, badges and more Silver Key bonuses as players work their way up to level 75!

Matchmaking Changes

  • Ranked has been removed and replaced with “Hunt Beta”
    • Placement matches are removed
    • No longer displays ratings
    • No leaderboards
    • All about skill based matchmaking.
    • No Map Variants in this Queue. ‘Pure’ Hunt experience.
  • Hunt has been renamed to “Arcade”
    • Map Variants remain in this queue.
    • Players will be able to match into Monster with a party in Arcade mode.
    • Skill buckets

Tutorial Pop-up Changes

  • The text of the pop-up will be different based on the player’s tutorial completion state.
  • If the player agrees to do the tutorial and hasn’t done any of them, we will put them directly into the Monster tutorial.
  • If the players agreed to do the tutorial and has already done the Monster or Hunter tutorial, we will put them directly into the tutorial they haven’t completed.
    • This will show until both tutorials are completed.

New Store Content

  • Hunter Skins (Thursday)
    • Paladin Parnell Man Eater
    • Paladin Parnell Monarch
  • Weapon Skins (Wednesday)
    • Paladin Arctic
    • Paladin Victory
    • Paladin Union Jack

Balance Updates

Hunt Solo Benefits

  • Rank 1 (1 Solo Player)
    • Decreased Max health bonus from 10% to 9%
    • Decreased Movement speed bonus from 5% to 4%
    • Decreased Jetpack recharge bonus from 5% to 4%
  • Rank 2 (Two Solo players)
    • Decreased Max health bonus from 17% to 15%
    • Decreased Movement speed bonus from 10% to 8%
    • Decreased Jetpack recharge bonus from 10% to 8%
  • Dev Insight: After the changes to Hunt Solo Benefits we wanted to scale back the bonuses slowly to see how it changes things around for the general matchmaking experience.


  • Hunters
    • Renegade Abe
      • Penitence
        • Damage over time reduced from 20 to 19 DPS
      • Nerve Toxin Dart
        • Damage over time reduced from 32 to 30 DPS
      • Corrosive Grenades
        • DPS reduced from 12 to 11
    • Dev Insight: We got a lot of feedback sent our way about Renegade Abe and just wanted to bring down his damage over time across his whole kit down a notch this update. We like that he is a viable pick and want to see what this small number change will do to his overall performance.

Deepest Dark

  • All damage from minions and Monsters up 7.5%
    • Dev Insight: We’re going to up the difficulty just a bit with this mode. We’re starting to work on more changes to Deepest Dark in the future with all the feedback we’ve received so be on the lookout for more changes!


  • Wildlife Spawns at 20 seconds to 25 seconds

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where hotswapping would cause Hunters to move at superspeed.
  • Fixed an issue where wildlife would move at unintended speeds. (gotta go slow)
  • Fixed an issue where Leg Breaker was showing the improper values in the perk descriptions.
  • Fixed stacking perk icons over Hunter heads in Overpowered.
  • Players can no longer late join a game and not play to get experience and Silver Keys.
  • Enhanced Senses perks now show correct numbers in the perk descriptions.
  • Fixed instances where Renegade Abe’s Double Shotgun firing animation was missing.
  • Fixed several instances where Kraken would not properly climb certain ledges.
  • Fixed an exploitive area on Orbital Drill where Monsters could get outside the map.
  • Fixed an issue where mouse movement would become unresponsive after a controller was unplugged and force the player to restart.
  • Fixed a number of issues with the Wraith AI in Co-op vs AI modes.

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