The overrated character of Evolve


Most games has their own overrated character (got more attention than what they actually deserve), such as FNAF’S Foxy, Undertale’s Sans etc. The overrated character of Evolve iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis…

I really, REALLY don’t understand why so many talk about her so much. If it was like because she’s the only female monster in Evolve, then that would kinda make sense. But no! Gorgon’s also female and nobody gives a crap about her. Heck, she’s talked about even more than the Goliath, the mascot of Evolve.
And you know what the worst part is? SHE CONSTANTLY GETS CALLED SEXY WTF???


She is meant to be overrated. She is the most sexy character in Evolve!


I like her design. She looks awesome. That has nothing to do with Wraith being “female”. If you were gonna talk about overrated characters, you should have started with bucket, he can never receive too little attention. Even if no one ever talked about him, it would still be too much.


Resisting urge to make ‘dem hips’ post


Crazy thought here but…maybe there are people who just happen to like her design and playstyle?

Wraith and Goliath are pretty much my two favorite monster designs in the game, for vastly different reasons.

Yeah. …yeah.


I’m pretty sure it’s a community meme by now.

God I hope it’s just a meme.

Please let it be just a meme.


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Them hips don’t lie. :smirk:



Overrated? Half the Community hate her.


People talk about her because its pure ebola to fight against her


Yeah I win 100% of time vs her,but it is still most annoying fight possible,players just dashing around obstacles.
In cataclysm map dome fights are full 5minutes because she dashes in to heal. 10/10 would fight 30minutes vs wraith that can not possibly win again.


PTSD triggers


Thoughts of dem hips flood your mind, even as you beg for it to stop, but there is no escape.


I’d smash tbh


Yes smack that


I will personally burn your house down with maple syrup!




Where’s this from? Garry’s Mod?