The Origins of Behemoth

Okay… I know that there’s a lot of threads about the monsters origins, and how they are spliced Shear wildlife and whatnot, but I have to post this.

Most of us “Mutant Wildlife Theorists” agree that Goliath was once a Reaver, Kraken was once a Mammoth Bird (and I can’t think of what Wraith could be), but I think I have learned of Behemoths origins.

I believe Behemoth came from… An Obsidian Beetle!

God dammit, they are so similar! Fleshy inside with a rocky exterior, the rocks fall together PERFECTLY to fit into a certain shape, they are very slow, and they even have the same GLOW! THEY EVEN APPEAR TO HAVE TUSKS!

Now, I’m not saying I know for a fact that this is what Behemoth started from. In fact, there are numerous flaws with this theory, like Factor. How would wildlife from SHEAR of all places mutate and get to FACTOR, of all places? I’m just saying it’s a definite possibility.

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Behemoth started as a kidney stone that came from Hyde,

That’s the Origin :stuck_out_tongue:


Wildlife from Shear on Factor? That’s a misunderstanding.

Well, now that I think about it DAISY was on Factor. Perhaps people who bought wildlife bought what would eventually become the monsters.

Ahem, it was clearly stated that Monsters are alien to all to humanity known worlds. The’re outside enemies.

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THAT MEANS IT’S CONFIRMED! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They may have never seen the wildlife mutate like this and they may think that they are of an unknown species.

No other world has seen anything beyond Monsters mutate so fast. Or, for that matter, sentient.

Also, explain warping Wraiths, Caira’s theory about Egglayers, and how does this all fit with Val’s boss having intel that suggests a line of attack.

I would agree with you…if Maggie didn’t say there was a monster that layed eggs for the others :stuck_out_tongue:

@TheDumbassGamer, @LaggerCZE, I did say there were flaws with my theory. :confused:

I like your theory a lot. I noticed the similarities earlier today too!