The Orbital Drill map gives a huge advantage to the Monster


You may just have to play it to see it, but the map’s common ledges and levels make for many, many horrible dome locations for the Hunter and many easy Monster hiding places.

Drastic elevation changes always favor the Monster, who can scale them in a fraction of the time it takes Hunters, and Orbital Drill has many such locations.


It’s a kinda double edge sword as all those pillars are really good for the hunters aswell. In that respect I think it’s fine.


They are horrible for the Hunters - it drains the pack and takes forever to get on one, and if the Monster moves on (smart ones will) you are left unable to chase or dodge.

The game would be vastly improved if Hunters and Monsters were on more equal footing in terms of terrain, in my opinion.

Its hell trying to chase down a Monster as Assault like that.


I agree that the monster’s mobility vastly out-scales the Hunters. Jetpacks drain incredibly quick, drain super fast while climbing, and recharge much slower than monster’s “Stamina”. This map accentuates the problem manyfold.


jetpacks need to be buffed

people were saying it last alpha and it’s still true


It would certainly help.

Its not as much of an issue where there isn’t rough terrain and the Monster isn’t trying to be evasive, but with those conditions it becomes almost impossible to damage the Monster.


No, it doesn’t.

Hunters - Consume 75% of your fuel to fly on top of a pillar

Monster - Press a button to climb a pillar at twice the speed of a Hunter while consuming zero stamina.

Dat double edge sword doe.


The fact of the matter is is that clever monster who use the terrain will be almost impossible to catch by hunters, even if hunters take perks surrounding their jetpacks. Monsters can climb almost any terrain in half a second for free, while hunters climb infinitely slower and sacrifice almost all of their mobility just to climb that one piece of terrain. A monster who climbs a single piece of terrain and then jumps to another one is now all but impossible to catch up to.


@Galgus @Slewey Perhaps it’s an unusual strategy but I almost always go for the high ground as a hunter.
Once you get on top after spending all your fuel, you get a huge advantage until the monster realise where you are.
While the monster can easily climb up, you can easily dodge him if you haven’t spend any additional fuel while you were up there. Jump from pilar to pilar or slalom between.

So both monsters and hunters benefit from high ground, which is why I called it a double edge sword.
Of course, I can understand that you think it’s strange if you are not used with managing fuel.


High ground makes the most sense when the Hunters are on defense, but the more crucial fights where the Monster is on defense require them to maintain a working firing arc.

The advantage gained while avoiding the Monster comes nowhere close to the disadvantage of difficulty in attacking the Monster.

If the Monster is smart, and the fight is a bad one to press, the Monster will do everything in its power to avoid damage.

As we all know, if the Monster makes it to Stage 3 without taking health damage and knows how to fight, the Hunters are in for a beating.


As Hank, Griffin, Lazarus and Val, I was always hopping from perch to perch, and the monster either couldn’t touch me, or took a significant of damage to do so.On high ground, you can see all your team mates, see who to heal or shield, who to prepare to rez, and you can keep a bead on the monster- keep it pinged and don’t let it breathe. As Griffin, this let me alternate between bursts of SMG damage and harpooning the monster at opportune moments.


I understand. But that’s the main reason I like highground. You get the best overview.
Perhaps you misunderstood me. I prefer the high ground closest to the enemy, so I can both see them and run away if I’m being focused! :smiley: .
That’s why the pillars and huge rocks aren’t the biggest issue with the new maps. There is soo many of them, that I can jump from one to another and always be right over the monster.
One issue tough, is that they mask Wraith’s “tracers” when she warps, which is really annoying because that’s the only way to trace the real one when she pops her decoy.


Such locations where one can shoot on the Monster aggressively from high ground are nice, but realistically Hunters need to actively pursue an evasive Monster trying to avoid damage.

If the Monster isn’t smart enough to know that it need not fight all-in in every Dome, that of course becomes a non-issue.


Play Hyde and throw grenades in those spots then.


i absolutely HATE orbital drill as the monster.

that map just does not float my boat.


Dude, I was thinking the EXACT same thing, to the point I wanted to make a thread about it also. Thankfully I found yours first! Yes, I very much feel that map favors the monster way too much! I think the best solution would be to make climbing cliffs as a hunter faster than it currently is when you have no stamina left


Because I was curious, I looked at metrics for the map.

For this map, if we look at Hunt, for players of all ranks, for the entire weekend, not including games with bots:

  • Monster win: 49.8%
  • Hunter win: 50.2%

If we look at the same thing, but only for players of rank 20 and up:

  • Monster win: 56.8%
  • Hunter win: 43.2%

If we look at all maps combined for players of rank 20 and up:

  • Monster win: 54.1%
  • Hunter win: 45.9%

This map overall is showing that it’s only slightly more in favor win / loss wise for Monster than the overall for rank 20 and higher players. That said, numbers only say so much, so we’ll watch the map as we get more data and watch more streams as they pop up on the 10th. Will be fun! :smiley:


The biggest thing I dislike about the two Acid Biome maps is that it’s just too muddy. Everything is just this drab brown, even most of the wildlife just blends right in. Maybe it was the maps themselves, but I could never remember specific locations on that map outside of a few. Unlike Distillery, Dam, and Fusion Plant as those maps had better colors I guess, it was easy to tell locations. They others are just drab, dreary and don’t seem to… pop or stand out.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the overall feel of them, but functionality wise they felt a bit off. (Don’t kill me)


Haha no worries! I have similar issues playing in similar environments, regardless of what game it is.

Edit: More specifically, I have a hard time scanning environments for threats, or noticing things that should be pretty noticeable when color palette includes a lot of browns, tans, reds. My friends laugh at me often because of it.


Why are you flying
and not jetpack dodging?
1 jetpack dodge and half a second of fuel is enough to climb most cliffs
2 jetpack dodges will climb any cliff in the game easily
and both leave you with a bit of fuel left

also areas with cliffs or high structures also give a big advantage to the hunters
medics can hide up there and if they try to climb up there
trapper will bring them down