The opening movie should be changed


I feel the movie we have now is errr… incorrectly picturing the mood of the game.
I propose to create the new one, something like this:

scene 1.
jungle, wildlife, monster.
sneaking around, looking harmless, bit frightened, barely dares to punch and eat some small wildlife from time to time. all the time looks around, visibly stressed and expecting the worst…

scene 2.
dropship. hunters. relaxed, smiling, laughing, chatting. no stress, no pressure, just another slaughter. they know the risk is minimal and all the odds are on their favor…

scene 3.
monster eating (still under pressure - every bite ferafully looks around, etc).
suddenly hunters drop form above, right on its head
monster whines and flees!!!
hunters burst with laugh… “get that pussy, haha!” (Sunny) … “yeah, got it!” (Crow) … dome slams around monster… “fuck and burn you pice of shit!” (Hyde) …
monster runs around dome… nowhere to hide… it gets slaughtered… pieces of armor tear apart… blood and meat all around


last scene.
hunters getting back with dropship
still relaxed, no special deal, day like every day
the end.

Right after this sequence your match starts … 5 players x lvl 40 … (your preference is Support > Medic > Traper > Assault > Monster)
And you can see… the monster selection screen.
Good luck! :smile: :sunglasses:


I feel like a cinematic that represents the players/playerbase doesn’t feel so much as fitting as how they made the current cinematic, but that’s just me.


This is so dark. :fearful:

Like… Wow, I was gona go play assault. Now I probably won’t. That sad little monster. It whined? I didn’t know monsters whined… That’s like a puppy thing to do…

It’s scared? Sheesh. Yeah, I don’t even wana play monster right now. I’ll probably go to bed. If I can sleep…

This was scary!!! Don’t make this the opening cinematic!!! I will SKIP IT!!!


The Wraith-reveal trailer should be added to the video gallery.


This and we need a real Kraken cinematic…

Would be fun to see movie style…

Hell most games are pretty nice to see if they were made as movies (so long as they are done right).


OK, let’s put it openly. Hunters are bad. And assault - is the worst of them.
Monsters are representing nature balance and beauty. All the best things.

Sorry for bringing you tough news, but you should face it … :sunglasses:


I so agree! :smiley:


they should just change it to the forums.
It’s where most people are, who don’t play much.

They can have speech bubble on the movie saying “OP OP” and NERF NERF.


I dunno, I still strongly feel the hunters are humans that were experimented on. I don’t know why else the Devs would stick to humanoid monsters for “lore reasons,” they’ve gota have human DNA. I don’t think the Hunters are evil, either. This depicts them as murderous, laughing as they kill the monster.


I only recall hyde having such a cruel laugh while he slauters my goliath;(


That most certainly does not sound like somethig Sunny would say.


Completely agree… >_>
Doesn’t feel like Sunny at all
and to be frankly honest the Hyde line doesn’t feel right either…


Eh. It’s not too far off. The Crow line seems good though.

Also, I just read the whole thing. This is dark asf!


True. Apologies! focused too much on depicting miserable monster life :wink:
Feel free to make any relevant corrections, please.

For Sunny should be probably something like this…
(with her squeaky-thin voice, when shooting at Behemoth)

“Wow. Look at these stone-like pieces dropping from this creature! Wow. Wow!”

then Torvald, reloding his insane mortar, …



Pro Hunter…Nope


I just wonder why they didnt use the opening cinematic for their trailer. That hide and seek trailer was terrible unless you played the beta and could see all the easter eggs.