The only way to safe evolve


Change this game into a 4 v 2, 5 v 2, or 6 v 3.This change would actually make me want to play as the monster, cause i dont see any motivition to play solo in a multiplayer.


I think the problem atm is that if you really only want that COOP experience, then to ensure that you have to group up.

I think pubs without friends experience some negative stuff because playing as a monster when you want to coop is not good.

Some kinds of people don’t want to be co dependent to ppl on their friends list to enjoy a game in the way they want to.


2/10. Troll harder next time.


Can you rename this thread “How to make Redbreeze interested in evolve?”

Because this isn’t everyone. In the slightest. At all.

Oh, also. Gains nourishment.


But I don’t like teammates, they disappoint me >~>
Although a 6V2 would be fun :stuck_out_tongue:
I think monster just isn’t your thing, its a little hard only relying upon yourself ^-^


OH also, to you, dear 10-minute old user, to change the game as you want it, they’d have to literally redesign the entire game from scratch, making entirely new classes, rebalancing everything, and changing arenas to allow for the proper strategies in mind.

It ain’t happenin. Ever.


Ya, the whole “do this to save the game” stuff is obviously bogus.


Ye, redesign it then . That concept would actually have a future. If u let it like it is , this game will die completly in about a month.


People always think they know how to save a game. On the Titanfall forums there was a rash of topics demanding a mode with no titans and no AI because more pilot combat was the only way to save Titanfall. When Respawn delivered Pilot Skirmish mode it saw a little action then after a week it died to the point of having about 50 worldwide players at peak times.

Forums know nothing.



Keep talking.

This -nourishes- me.


Teamwork is already hard enough with 4, no more please.


Wait wait, shameless plug.


Go play CS, CoD or Dota then. Evolve is based around the 4v1 experience, and if you don’t enjoy wrecking the team of 4 by yourself you probably shouldn’t be playing this game


That’s not a safe way lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway in my opinion what the game needs is a lower price tag(dlc’s also) and maybe another lan tournament with good advertising for people to see it.That’s my idea ;p



10 chars


The more nourishment you gain, the faster you evolve.


Stage 3 here I come!


0/10 troll.
Can’t even spell correctly.


This thread.