The only thing the devs should have done


The game would he just as popular as the launch if they released behemoth instead of the wraith. Who agrees?


Never really thought of it like that but then you’d be getting people saying Wraith is P2P since it wouldn’t have had proper testing and would have been in its beta state when that monster finally released. People will probably say Behemoth is P2W but I doubt that the Behemoth would ever be as frustrating to play against as the Wraith.

Honestly though I feel as though the Behemoth should just be free in general. It’s included with the pre-orders and I feel as though the roster for monsters isn’t that diverse. I did pre-order but I cannot imagine someone paying $14.99 for a single monster. No offense to TRS or 2k but that is pretty expensive if it’s just the monster. I’m assuming a bunch of Behemoth skins are included with it or something along those lines.


Well… It would have been the same actually, but it would be that Behemoth is UP, since everyone is raising red flags fearing that the battle between Behemoth and players will be always in stage one( have you seen how he works?)


Woulda, coulda, shoulda… Wraith is a good concept that was implemented in a way people figured out how to turn into something unintended. Any Monster could have been the same and may continue to be.