The only change I think needs to happen


I posted this as a reply in another thread, so I decided to just make it into its own thread to see what the general consensus is behind it.

It was originally a reply to a thread regarding OP monsters.

----"The way the game is designed automatically starts the monster off with an advantage.

One mind is easier to control than four and they can traverse the map at a much faster pace.

This is the reason there are stages for the monster, which I believe is what needs to be addressed.

As we all know (or at least most of us), the stages go like this - hunters are stronger than a stage 1 monster, hunters are equal to a stage 2 monster (supposedly), and finally, hunters are weaker than a stage 3 monster.

This is why teamwork is so important throughout the entire game. If you can find and at least wound the monster in stage 1, it makes the following stages much easier to deal with. If you allow the monster to reach stage 2 or 3, it makes the game very difficult to win as hunters, because then teamwork becomes more and more important and required. This is hard to do in random groups.

What I am getting at is, I feel like the evolutionary stages are such an important aspect for both sides of the coin, that they actually need to be reworked. It’s incredibly important for the monster to evolve to stand a chance, but at the same time, once he does evolve, it stars becoming lopsided in the monsters favor.

I think because of the fact the game scale is constantly changing and tipping in each teams’ favor throughout the course of a game (and it’s so important), that the scale should take LONGER to do so. Basically, I think evolving is too fast of a process, especially depending on which talents and perks you take from the start.

As Goliath, I can reach stage 3 in no time flat. All I have to do is take 3 in Fire Breath and the faster eating perk and the hunters don’t stand a chance. Before they know it, I am stage 3 with a full shield and suddenly they have to become the world’s best tag team in order to stand a chance against me. This usually doesn’t happen, or at least hasn’t happened yet, so I simply turn them to mops and wipe the floor with them.

If the evolution process took longer, it’d make for more exciting games in my honest opinion. Stages should feel important (which they do, but not as much as they could) and rewarding, so in turn, it should take some work to reach them.

The hunt should feel thrilling and important (which it does, but it can get boring sometimes and make you feel useless, especially if you have a bad trapper), but it hardly feels that way when the monster can evolve in 3 minutes flat, even with you hot on his/her trail.

TL:DR - Make the evolution process take a bit longer, giving both teams a proper chance to take advantage of their OP moments. Stage 1 monsters really should fear the hunter teams, but that’s not even the case, because stage 1 only lasts for 3 seconds. Hunters should really be putting all their efforts into finding and stopping the monster early on, but that doesn’t feel like the case, because the monster evolves too quickly, leaving the hunters feeling useless unless they are equipped with pro trappers and the right maps.

This is just my two cents, sorry for the long post. This is what I truly feel would make the game better."------

Now, I know this isn’t really the ONLY thing wrong with this game (which is still a great game in my eyes), but I personally feel its the biggest flaw.

The hard thing with balancing or changing the game is just how situational the game is.

For instance, an average monster relies heavily on the fact that the stages take no time to power through, especially when facing an experienced hunter team. This change would make stake the odds even more so against average monsters when facing elite hunters.

I feel like this change would help the average hunter and hurt the average monster, which is not my intent. Obviously this change would need to be balanced in its own right, but I definitely DO think the evolutions happen too quickly.