The One and Only Test Thread


Okay well I have decided to create a complete new one because the last one I made was closed due to a different one but then that one was closed AND unlisted!

So test Polls, Lines, Description boxes

I would love it if I could see some more of these coding awesomenessness :stuck_out_tongue:


Test </10char>


May i ask how one does that?


What a poll?



  • Option A
  • Option B
  • Etc.

With a bracket before the first poll.


I was JUST testing what codes work on the forums earlier today, and I was like “I wonder if I could make a thread to really test this…”

So, thank you for reading my mind! :slight_smile:


You can also do multiple choice polls

Just do what shredder showed but add these in the top row.

[Poll type=multiple min 1 max 4]

You can change the numbers above or delete the numbers along with tolhe min and max to set it as default.

To add more than one polls you must name it such as this and again do everything shredder showed just add this to the top of it.

[Poll name=nospacesexceptthepollandname]

And there you go! P0¡¡$!


It’s easy. All you need to do is use an invalid tag in your post and discourse will ignore it but still count it towards your character count. Since you’re a regular you should be able to look at the actual content in my post and see it. Usually I use the tag < /10char > (without the spaces obviously), but any invalid tag should work just the same. < /teamshara4eva >


My one was closed because somebody posted a massive spreadsheat which basically made the page zoom out to fit in. Or atleast thats what I think happened.


This thread is very valid XHTML.

Scroll over the image to see fancy floating text. :smiley:

Highlighting random text throughout my sentence to make it fancy.

Testing references:

Here’s the main website.

I can repeat it over and over with very short coding.

Downsized image of Bucket test:

  • Test 1
  • Test 2
  • Test 3

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I’ve never tried this before :smiley_cat:

lol it didn’t work :frowning:


Make your post a wiki so I can see what you did wrong and help ya out. :smile:


1 you must have space between the dash and the options

2 they all can’t have the same option


Oh, thanks!


See the above post that shredder made to know how to create a poll and then follow up on my post below his to see more ways to do polls


Testing testing 1 2 3
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@Plaff how did you make that wiki in the old test thread?