The odd one out


Don’t know if this has been pointed out before, but I’ve seen a lot of people saying that Supernova doesn’t fit within the sneaky moveset of the Wraith.

This might be true, but I think that every monster has a move that is deliberately in contrast with its theme, for the purpose of expanding playstyle possibilities, I guess.

For the brawler Goliath, it’s Rock Throw, which is a ranged attack. (Flame Breath is kind of ranged, but still requires you to be within striking distance, better fitting with the brawler theme).

For the ranged Kraken, it’s Aftershock, an AOE move that requires Kraken to be up close, and even encourages him to descend from his usual engagement range.

For the assassin Wraith, it’s Supernova, which locks her usually evasive and fast moving self into an area in order to be effective, and makes her highly visible. The return associated with this risk is high, sustained rather than burst, damage.

For the area controller Behemoth, (this is the one I’m most uncertain of), I’m going to go with Fissure. The other three moves are primarily about controlling the places hunters go and can’t go. Fissure seems to be a damage dealer with the added effect of briefly throwing the hunters into the air.

Can the devs confirm or deny this? What do people think?


@MacMan can you confirm? The first two paragraphs sum up the point.